Alan Gall estate agent in Glasgow and the surrounds

Glasgow and the surrounds

Alan Gall

Alan has a dedication to provide his clients with the very best service, grounded in a belief that where you live is one of the most important factors in your life.

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Alan Gall estate agent in Glasgow and the surrounds

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From Glasgow to Buenos Aires and back again.

There is always something crossing the Kingston Bridge that makes me feel at home. When I see the River I know I am home.

Alan Gall

I’ve lived and worked across the globe, but Glasgow has always been home. Helping people move home in this beautiful region of Scotland is a privilege and it is a role that I take incredibly seriously.

I have become accustomed to receiving exemplary service in business and in my personal life in the wonderful places I have lived – the estate agency service I provide here reflects my experiences.


Being a discerningly different estate agent

My first principal of estate agency is that I work for the seller – my client is the person who pays for my service and therefore what I do is done with you front and centre in everything I do.

To achieve the very best for my client I work hard and explore every opportunity to find the perfect buyer for a home. My bespoke approach to every home I represent makes the process of selling and buying more mindful than the way we are used to when dealing in property.

At Mr and Mrs Clarke we wear every home we sell as a badge of honour and we guarantee that our service is discerningly different.

My experience with “normal” agents has always been of selling or buying a property, not a home. The bland marketing, the lack of customer care and the absence of any passion. I wanted to change the way we buy a home, so I launched Mr and Mrs Clare in and around Glasgow.

A home is more than bricks and mortar. A home is the life within the building and the community that surrounds it. Our home embodies how we live and how we see ourselves. My job is to showcase where you can call home and provide you with a guide to everything you need to know.

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