Careers at Mr and Mrs Clarke

We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our team and help us change estate agency. Whether you want to run your own Mr and Mrs Clarke agency, join our amazing marketing team or be part of our admin crew –  let’s talk. We love creative, passionate, positive people and we are always up a cup of tea, or even better, at G&T!

We are a family business and we treat our team like family. We will support you, champion you and be proud of our joint accomplishments. We will share the good times together as well as be there for you when times are tough.

We aren’t corporate beasts, we are a modern company on a mission to be discerningly different.

Our values at Mr and Mrs Clarke estate agents

Our values

We are discerningly different and we want discerningly different people in our team. Don’t apply if you are a clock watching bore. Join us if you want work to live, take pride in your job, take risks, are prepared to roll up your sleeves and are happy to be vocal.

How we work

We embrace remote working, flexible working, working partners, work-a-holics but not the work shy. We hate Sunday night emails and love Monday mornings. There are no pointless meetings and no passive aggressive bosses (we’ve all been there!).

Mr Clarke loves football so here is his football themed view of recruitment:

“We want the best players on our team and we fit the formation around the player!”

What? If you love football too then you will get that, we think he means that we want the best talent in our company and we will work a way to get them in and get the best out of them.

How we work at Mr and Mrs Clarke estate agency

Current vacancies

We're currently looking to fill the following roles.

Become a self-employed estate agent

Looking to become a Partner?

If you are keen on becoming a Partner or an Associate Partner, then we’re always up for a chat. You could be running your own estate agency and be in control of your own life.

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