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Andrew Deverell-Smith - Mr & Mrs Clarke Recruitment Director

Everything has changed.

The High Street -v- Online debate has been raging on for years and it has created confusion for consumers and within the industry. High Street agents are being squeezed – fees plummeting, heads rolling, service slipping, job satisfaction disappearing. This really is a race to bottom.

This phrase isn’t merely the zeitgeist – it is reality. We know that average fees are reducing – since 2014, fees with some agents are as much as 25% down when contrasting average exchange fees at the end of 2014 and pipeline fees at the end of Quarter 1 2018. This per-unit reduction when combined with reductions in market share are creating a potentially business-ending scenario for High Street agents. Employed agents are facing significant reductions in their earnings. Business owners are having to find ways to buttress their businesses through cash injections and/or credit facilities.

Options are limited but the apparent dichotomy is stark
– do they try to tough it out and cut corners with costs or do they sell, merge, close? The choices seem to be at two extreme ends of a very broad spectrum. What is clear is that as fees per unit reduce, sellers are on the receiving end of the inevitable reductions in service and marketing. It remains a mystery to us how an Estate Agent charging £895 can provide any more than £895 worth of service and marketing.

What is also increasingly obvious to us is the lack of acknowledgement from agents that they are committed
to obtaining the best price for their client’s homes. The principal of providing the best service possible and marketing our homes in the most exceptional way in order to achieve the best price possible, remains at the core of the service proposition our business is founded upon. Our homes will always be where our hearts are.

It is against this background that Mr & Mrs Clarke are the discerningly different alternative.

We believe there is a huge space in the centre of the industry where the best Estate Agents will continue to operate. Working with Mr & Mrs Clarke and offering beautiful, market leading branding within a proven model and well tested systems is the alternative.

Regional Directors

We have split the UK into a series of Regions. A Region will be run by a single Regional Director. Regions are be purchased by Regional Directors and they have exclusive selling rights in the Region.

Being local is at the heart of our operational model. We believe that Mr & Mrs Clarke representatives will be invested in, and at the heart of, their local communities. A Regional Director will be responsible for all business within their Region and will most likely be fee earners within their business.

Mr & Mrs Clarke will have an agreement with our Regional Directors. This agreement will specify the precise territory to be covered and also grant exclusivity within the territory.

Our Recruitment Team will assist Regional Directors to recruit Local Property Consultants to work in their Region.

This opportunity is ideal for a heavyweight operator who runs a multi site business currently, and who is able to evidence that they are invested in, and visible within, their Region.

Area Directors

Within a region, where we meet exceptional people who do not want to take on the full region wide opportunity but have strong relationships within a significant area, we will consider working on the basis of Area territories. This would see a region split into 3 or 4 Areas. Areas will be purchased by Area Directors and they will have exclusive selling rights in their area.

Area Directors will be direct fee earners but will have the opportunity to recruit into their businesses Local Property Consultants.

This opportunity is ideal for Area Managers and Senior Branch Managers who can evidence strong, established relationships within their area of operation.

Local Property Consultants

The heart of Mr & Mrs Clarke is the team of exceptional estate agents working with sellers and buyers. Local Property Consultants will work with a Regional Director / Area Manager to gain instructions and see their client through to completion. One of the discerningly different aspects of this role to the usual estate agent is that Local Property Consultants are the single point of contact for their client and a buyer. This approach makes it easier for Local Property Consultants to manage sales and gives them control over their earnings.

This opportunity is ideal for hard working, talented Valuers/Listers wanting to work in a modern way and have the opportunity to be able to earn more money.


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