Estate Agency Is Dead. Long Live The Estate Agent.

Do you dream big,  really care, and want to shape the direction of your career? Do you want to be part of a team who are reimagining the estate agency experience? If you do, then you are in the right place.

We provide our Partners with all the tools they require to be the best estate agent they can possibly and we give them the opportunity to run a lucrative and enjoyable business.

Whether you are a vastly experienced estate agent, a home obsessed mum or a driven business leader you can find out more about Partnering with Mr and Mrs Clarke by clicking on the button below.

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Traditional estate agency is finished – the High Street office and the clipboard carrying suit wearing blokes are outdated and disliked. The modern estate agent provides a bespoke service and has a boutique approach to helping clients move home.

Being an estate agency today is about advertising a home with emotion, selling with skill and empathy, and developing a trusted reputation in your local community.

Our franchisees run their own business with support from the Mr and Mrs Clarke team. There is a design studio to create bespoke marketing, a cutting edge CRM system to manage your properties, an online social network to learn and collaborate, a PR and social media team to build national brand awareness and help you with local lead generation. We are an award-winning business who have successfully helped launch and grow our franchisee’s businesses.

Selling property is about bottling that feeling deep down in your gut when you walk through the front door for the first time and suddenly feel ‘home’. 

Paul Clarke, co-founder

We're discerning in everything we do

We look at the world with a discerning eye, and that’s as true for the properties represent and the people on our team.


Location. Expertise. Connections.

We are looking for three things in a franchisee. Location. Expertise. Connections


A deep understanding of the location that a franchisee works within is vitally important to us. Marketing a home beautifully is dependent on understanding the needs and aspirations of individuals, couples or families within that location. If you can tell us the street to live on, or the best-hidden location in your town, then you have what we’re looking for.

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Over the past decade, the value of estate agents has been worn away by poor perceptions and poor service across the sector. That has to stop, and the only way to do that is to prove the value that a discerningly different service offering delivers. With that in mind, our franchisees have often worked in or around the property sector. From estate agents looking to be more than just a door opener, to interior stylists and successful property developers looking to share their knowledge with buyers and sellers. But you don’t have to have specific “property experience” to be a discerningly different estate agent – we are a diverse team and some of our franchisees have come from marketing backgrounds, the advertising world and even publishing. What they have in common is a an expert growth mindset and a desire to be the best estate agent.


At Mr and Mrs Clarke we are driven by connections. The connection between the homeowner and home, seller and buyer, franchisee and community. Our franchisees are at the core of a local community, empowering local people to beautifully market their home to like-minded people who will thrive in their communities. We love the communities we work within and want to hero the businesses, clubs and people that thrive within them. A stronger community is a better place to live for everyone, and we want to be an active part of making our communities happier places to live and work. To be a franchisee with Mr and Mrs Clarke you must be well connected across your community.

How does a franchise with Mr and Mrs Clarke work?


You + Us

You have the support of the whole Mr and Mrs Clarke family, creative agency and marketing professionals behind you. We have crafted our systems, our brand, our website and our team so you can just plug in and go. Our franchisees have everything at their finger tips to get out in the local area and start selling homes and letting properties from day one – and we support you every step of the way.

Human x Tech

The mix of great people and great tech is what makes our offering to consumers so compelling. We believe people buy from people and we will showcase you as an amazing estate agent via our marketing channels.

Franchisees are supplied with everything they need to run an estate agency via our incredible Network. The Network is a place to run your business, get training and interact with other Franchisees. It is a web and an App based system meaning you can work at home, in the office or on the move. We also provide franchisees with the best CRM in the industry (in our opinion), lead generation systems, an innovative phone and email system that ensures leads come to you directly, as well as an award winning website. All properties will be advertised on our Rightmove, Zoopla and Boomin account.

Leadership + Teamwork

You will become part of a diverse, supportive and talented community. Our franchisees are trail-blazers, deep-thinkers and action-takers and they support each other in their quest to become the best local estate agents. Our in-house team is led by two inspirational founders who bring something exciting and unique to the business. The whole team will work with you to help you on your journey.

We provide you with a variety of support to suit your needs. If you are a seasoned agent then we can assist you will marketing support and help with your social media. If you are new to the industry we provide you with training materials so you can progress to an industry qualification, as well as providing you with a rich learning resource on The Network. We host weekly training sessions and invite a range of speakers to visit us.

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Be a part of the family

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