Their home.
Your passion.

We believe in the power of entrepreneurial thinking.

We’re looking for people who dream big, who really care, and want to shape the direction of their own careers while reimagining the estate agency experience. We believe the future of estate agency is traditional values mixed with modern technology and a passion for property.

Mr and Mrs Clarke is a place where your passion and aspirations are at the heart of our business. We collaborate without ego and we champion every partner across the UK to be the best estate agent they can possibly be with exceptional earning potential. We want to find our customers a place they truly belong – and that is the same for everyone who works as part of the award winning Mr and Mrs Clarke family – we are building a place for you to belong.

If you’re a keen bean already, send an intro email to Debra on [email protected] to get the ball rolling.

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Become a partner

Estate agency is dead.
Long live estate agency.

Estate agency isn’t dead. It’s not all about technology or numbers, but about the heart, the way a home makes you feel when you walk through the door – that true sense of belonging. We also believe that no computer or algorithm can share the experiences of life – those quirks of a home that fill your heart with joy. Only another like-minded person can do that. At Mr and Mrs Clarke our Partners are passionate about each and every home we champion.

Selling homes is about bottling that feeling deep down in your gut when you enter a property for the first time and suddenly feel ‘home’. 


We're discerning in everything we do

We look at the world with a discerning eye, and that’s as true for the properties we visit as the service we provide. We understand the value of listening, of stepping back and seeing the whole picture. To deliver a service that enhances the lives of our clients through the support and ownership of the property process.


Location. Expertise. Connections.

We all know the famous property saying “Location, location, location.”
Well, at Mr and Mrs Clarke we’re more: “Location, expertise, connections.”


A deep understanding of the location that a Partner works within is vitally important to us. Marketing a home beautifully is dependent on understanding the needs and aspirations of individuals, couples or families within that location. If you can tell us the street to live on, or the best-hidden location in your town, then you have what we’re looking for.

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Over the past decade, the value of estate agents has been worn away by poor perceptions and poor service across the sector. That has to stop, and the only way to do that is to prove the value that a discerningly different service offering delivers. With that in mind, our Partners have often worked in or around the property sector. From estate agents looking to be more than just a door opener, to interior stylists and successful property developers looking to share their knowledge with buyers and sellers. But you don’t have to have specific “property experience” to be a discerningly different estate agent – we are a diverse bunch and some of our Partners have come from marketing backgrounds, the advertising world and even publishing. What they have in common is a passion to become a great agent, they have sold homes themselves and they have a thirst to complete industry qualifications and follow our training.


At Mr and Mrs Clarke we are driven by connections. The connection between the homeowner and home, seller and buyer, Partner and community. Our Partners are at the core of a local community, empowering local people to beautifully market their home to like-minded people who will thrive in their communities. We love the communities we work within and want to hero the businesses, clubs and people that thrive within them. A stronger community is a better place to live for everyone, and we want to be an active part of making our communities happier places to live and work.

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What makes a Mr and Mrs Clarke Partner?


Proven knowledge.

Being a Mr and Mrs Clarke Partner is being your own boss.

You are the boss, with the support of the whole Mr and Mrs Clarke family, creative agency and marketing professionals behind you. We are looking for Partners with a proven track record – whether that be in estate agency, marketing, teaching, publishing, property development, interior design, architecture or more – what you need is to be a hard worker who has a passion for property and experience of selling and buying homes. You will also be prepared to take industry qualifications and follow our guides in order to become a discerningly different agent. it’s important that our clients know they are always speaking to someone who deeply understands the property industry – we are their expert.


We are our clients’ champions in the market.

We look for people who are dedicated go-getters who stop at nothing to make sure our clients and customers are happy, our buyers are well-informed and our wider audience is inspired by the properties we sell. We’re looking for people who live and breathe property and boutique service for their clients.


We love learning about the homes we represent and the people we work for.

Every home tells a story of the people who have shaped the space, the moments shared and the memories made. We look for curious people who are generally interested in the people and properties we sell.

Full service support for our Partners

In a nutshell - we provide all the support you need to allow you to focus on what you do best - sell and let homes. Our team provides the strongest foundation for you to run and enjoy your business. Learn a little more about how it works.

Marketing Team

We don’t just work with designers – we are fully integrated with an internationally award winning branding agency. Our brand, design, marketing and website sits at the heart of the Mr and Mrs Clarke offering and therefore it’s only right that two of our Directors are Creative Director and Digital Director. Through our bespoke system, you can access all the latest designs to support you in selling properties in a discerningly different way – from beautiful print to gorgeous photography, all in one place.

Our social media team will provide you will great content, our wordsmith will write all the property particulars and our PR team will get you coverage across digital and print publications.

Estate Agency in a box

Partners are supplied with everything they need to run an estate agency via our incredible Partner Network. The Network is a place to run your business, get training and interact with other Partners. It is a web and an App based system meaning you can work at home, in the office or on the move.

We also provide Partners with the best CRM in the industry (in our opinion), lead generation systems, an innovative phone and email system that ensures leads come to you directly, as well as an award winning website.

All properties will be advertised on our Rightmove, Zoopla and Boomin account.

Bespoke Support

We provide you with a variety of support to suit your needs. If you are a seasoned agent then we can assist you will marketing support and help with your social media. If you are new to the industry we provide you with training materials so you can progress to an industry qualification, as well as providing you with a rich learning resource on The Partner Network.

We host weekly training sessions and invite a range of speakers to visit us.

Our diverse team work as a collective to support each other and our vibrant and positive culture is an inspiring and  caring.

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Be a part of the family

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