Colour & Design Trends of 2020

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7th January 2020

A new year, another cycle around the sun, a time for resolutions, self improvement, new

Colour & Design Trends of 2020

A new year, another cycle around the sun, a time for resolutions, self improvement, new style, and inevitably new design trends…

Whilst I’m all for new beginnings and love this time of year for reflection and setting goals, I have never been one to follow or suggest design trends for the home. I don’t believe your home should be “on trend”. I believe your home should be a reflection of you. It should highlight your personality, and always feel like your favourite and safest place to be.

This year however, I am all for the shift in design and very much in support of the trends coming our way. This is because I feel like every home would benefit from a bit of what’s in store in 2020.

earthy tones bedroom deep blue bathroom

My personal style is varied, I love minimalism but I also love maximalism. I love bold and colourful but also appreciate quiet and calm spaces to declutter the mind and leave room for a natural flow of thought and energy, the bedroom is the best place for this.

This year Pantone has named Classic Blue as the colour of the year. It is an honest and elegant colour that symbolises the sea and the sky at dusk. Earthy tones like chocolate brown, olive green and yellow ochre, are also on the rise, as are naturally made and environmentally conscious materials. The design world is making a big shift towards nature and the harmonising with the natural environment and given the current all encompassing digital era alongside the climate crisis this couldn’t be more timely.


If like me, you like variety but don’t quite know how to tackle it, I have some suggestions! For a bit of fun and maximalism, look at revamping your guest bathroom with a single print blue coloured wallpaper. Accent with natural wicker baskets and a wooden frame with a vintage print. This is the one room in the house that is a great place to experiment with your more creative and bold side.

The bedroom is usually where I would suggest calm and earthy tones, a space to clear the mind and unwind (away from your phone!) A beautiful olive green feature wall accented with darker trimming and warm coloured cushions, rounded furniture and vases, will instantly ground you and make you feel close to nature. I would add some blues in this space as well, easily done with a throw, some artwork or even your bed sheets, like retiring in a blue sea at the end of a long day!

Have fun with your home but most importantly remember that it’s your space, and should always be a reflection of you and your family.

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