A discerningly different brand for a discerningly different estate agency.

Mr and Mrs Clarke brand launch journal UnitedUs

It is easy to become attached to the idea of creating a certain look at home. But home is far more complex than a look, and so are we. Mr and Mrs Clarke is a team of people who are passionate about homes and the way they are advertised, sold, rented and lived in.

We are thrilled to be unveiling our updated website and evolutionary change to our brand and it has been a rewarding and enriching process. A process similar to the way we have all created our homes. Allow me to explain…

Our sense of style evolves through the prism of our values. And when we let these be our guide, a visual voice emerges that’s fluid and permeable, and can adapt to the constant changes that are an inevitable part of our life and the life of a company.


It means that we don’t have to overhaul our home every couple of years, nor do we have to re-invent our company, which is a waste of time and resources. After all “looks” are dated as soon as they are created. Instead, we have looked at the world we work and live in and we have made decisions that contribute to a unique company.

Our homes reflect our personality and develop as our families grow, Mr and Mrs Clarke is going through a similar evolution. We trust in what we do and the people we are proud to have in our “family” and our values have remained the same since the day we started. But we are curious and individual, we don’t stand still, we push boundaries and the clients we represent want us to remain at the forefront of the property industry.

We are proud to share with the world the continual development of our brand and over the coming weeks our Brand Director, Digital Director and the team will be sharing more about our unique illustrative style and how we are empowering each and every homeowner’s style.