17th November 2022

A chat with Trent Galleries

Offering a curated collection of contemporary art by some of the best loved artists around, Trent Galleries in beautiful Oakham is your one stop shop for incorporating a touch of modern art into your home. Local agent and home stylist Vicky Floros recently paid a visit to find out more…

Meet Vicky


We’d love to know a bit more about how you got started… 
The gallery was founded by Tracey and Stuart Morris, both originally from Birmingham. It was created from the love of art and the passion to own a business to take clients on their artwork journey.

Love that! What was the inspiration behind it?
We simply love purchasing artwork for the home and the modern interior.

Art makes such a difference to the home! What is your mission?
To create inspiring galleries that welcomes both art collectors and clients new to art, giving excellent customer service with all clients on their art journey.

Which gallery is the original location?
Newark, but we now have galleries in Beverley, Lincoln and of course Oakham.


I’m thrilled you’re now in Oakham. Which exhibition is your favourite?
It’s changed over the years! Doug Hyde has always been a firm favourite but recently it’s probably Urban artist Dan Pearce.

His work is incredible. What is your favourite part of owning a gallery?
Definitely inspiring new clients and art collectors.

Who are some of your favourite artists?
The Connor Brothers, Simon Kennel and Dan Pearce are all some of our favourites that we feature in the gallery. Our clients love them too!

Us too! What should we all look out for coming to the gallery soon or at the gallery now?
Definitely stop by to see our contemporary collection Christmas edition. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or want to add a touch of warmth and magic to your home for the festive season, our fabulous winter collection boasts a wealth of beautiful innovative and uplifting artworks to inspire you not only at Christmas but every day of the year! Leading artist’s releases to include Todd White, YUVI, Fabian Perez, Dan Pearce, Craig Alan, Kay Davenport, John Waterhouse, Doug Hyde, Stephen Graham to name just a few!

Amazing! Where is your favourite place to eat and drink in Oakham?
Oh that’s tricky, but we’d have to say either Orbis and Hitchens Barn. Oh and The Larder on Mill Street is one of our favourites for a great salad!

That’s one of my favourites. And finally, what’s next for Trent Galleries?
We’d love people to know we offer home approvals and can bring artwork to be viewed in clients homes. We can arrange home consultations from any of our galleries and we are always available on Live Chat and email!

Thank you so much to the wonderful team at Trent Galleries for chatting to us, it’s been a pleasure to feature you for our Oakham spotlight series!