A cuppa with Rach

We needed a photographer who was extraordinary! When we first met Rach she was woking from a fabulous studio in Leamington Spa. It was instant love. Now Rachel is kept busy travelling the country shooting homes with Mr & Mrs Clarke. Take a moment to get to know a little bit about the creative whizz behind the camera.

Strictly Business

First and foremost why did you choose to join Mr and Mrs Clarke?
It was a natural progression really – having photographed Mr and Mrs Clarke’s wedding and then shooting images for their previous company, I was delighted to be involved from the start of Mr & Mrs Clarke.

Favourite type of property?
High-ceilinged (and a bit rough around the edges) period property.

Your Mr and Mrs Clarke highlight so far?
Photographing Thorpe Hall, Robin Hood’s Bay.

Where’s your favourite town/city?
I love the Isle of Skye.

A little more personal…

Tea or Coffee?
Both! Coffee (lots of it!) in the morning and tea in the afternoon.

Early bird or night owl?
Definitely a night owl.

What 3 items would I always find in your fridge?
Blue cheese, chutney (at least 5 varieties!) and beer.

What was your first job?
Design room assistant in a bespoke dress shop – Saturdays from the age of 14 to 16. I got to sew garments and the owner taught me loads. I was allowed to use fabric to make my own clothes when it was quiet. Dream Saturday job!

Last series you binge-watched?

Which website do you visit the most?

Our homes for sale

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