A Home’s Heart

7th February 2017 by Daniella Quaglia

The encompassing pleasure of a good meal can depend on its setting. Chefs, restaurant critics and restaurant-goers often regard this as dogma. My experiences vary from the joys of a bowl of French onion soup in a bustling Paris restaurant to steaming noodles from a street food seller in Thailand, both senses of pleasure were heightened by the perfect setting for both. Epicurus, the Greek philosopher contends that “the beginning and the root of all good is the pleasure of the stomach”, and who can argue with that?  However when the eating takes place in the perfect setting the pleasure of the stomach becomes something even more wonderful.

My favourite place to eat is my kitchen. From breakfast with friends who have stayed over, to a Sunday feast, my kitchen is the beating heart of our home.

The first item of furniture we bought was an antique French table. It has remained with us for over a decade and I am sure it will be in our kitchens forever. When the table is surrounded by friends and family our home is complete. We somehow crammed twenty around it last year for our closest friends for a house warming, there are tea parties with nieces and nephews and we make sure mid-week evening meals are an old fashioned affair around the table even if it is beans on toast, the pleasure is eating in our kitchen with other people, not just the food that is cooked.

As it is the month of love and the kitchen is the heart of the home, I will be posting pictures of our favourite kitchens on Instagram.

Image courtesy of DeVol https://www.devolkitchens.co.uk/


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