Bathroom Tips

24th August 2017 by Daniella Quaglia

Inspired by the bathroom in one of our new homes – Browns Green Lodge – I wanted to give you my tips on how to create the perfect bathroom.

It is universally acknowledged that you have more stuff in your bathroom than you a) realise b) need and c) have space for. First job – sort this out. If you aren’t going to finish that last bit of shampoo because you are all excited by the new one then chuck it out. If you haven’t used that moisturiser for six months then out it goes. Likewise, old make-up; stuff that is half-finished and stuff you don’t need. Then work out what you actually want to keep and buy the appropriate receptacles. If you don’t have enough shelves use the walls – cupboards and first aid cabinets can be mounted. Do you need to keep 47 magazines by the loo? Buy a rack. If you’re keeping towels and spare loo roll in there then buy some baskets to keep everything together and more presentable.

Two basins, “they” say – and “they” are supposed to know – are the secret to a happy marriage. At least it’s one less row to have in the morning. If you can’t fit two then consider replacing a standard version with one that’s long enough for two people to stand next to each other. And while we’re on the subject of the sanitary ware – if you are replacing both basins and loo then consider wall-mounted. The more floor space you can see the larger the room will appear. The bath already covers a lot of floor so hanging the loo and the basins will bring some of that back.

It’s a common mistake to arrange spotlights in a symmetrical grid on the ceiling. But if they have been installed properly you won’t be looking up to see where the light is coming from. Put them where you need them instead and don’t worry about the pattern. Wall lights either side of the basin mirror will provide more direct light and will create a more relaxing atmosphere the evening. They may even reflect the shimmering bath water onto the walls. If you want a chandelier – and who doesn’t? – it needs to be 1.5 metres from top of the water when the bath is filled and have an IP44 rating. This basically rules it out for most of us who don’t have high enough ceilings, but if you want it in one corner or if your bath isn’t in the middle of the room then there is room for manoeuvre. Ask your plumber.

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