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25th April 2022

Offering a unique variety of stunning house plants, from miniature cacti to lovely umbrella trees

Beautiful Botanics

Offering a unique variety of stunning house plants, from miniature cacti to lovely umbrella trees and expert advise on how to look after your plants, Stamford Botanics is the only house plant shop in Stamford for a reason…

Beautiful Botanics Vicky MMC

We love: The smell of fresh plants!
Where: In the centre of Stamford, on St Paul’s Street. Stamford is a gorgeous rustic town surrounded by beautiful countryside, in Lincolnshire.
Who: Leonie Baldwin, Owner of Stamford Botanics.

When did you start Stamford Botanics?
I took a plunge and decided to open the business in 2021 during lockdown! The shop is in a perfect location in Stamford town centre so as soon as it became available I went for it. Opening during lockdown actually gave me the chance to decorate the shop and get the name out there before I opened to the public.

What was your inspiration behind it?
I thought Stamford was in need of a house plant shop as it’s predominantly outdoor plants that you can buy round here. I started teaching horticulture and realised how important it is to look after plants. Not everyone has a garden or outdoor space , house plants give you the opportunity to still have the experience of watching something grow. I believe everyone should have the chance to have their own project!

What is your most low-maintenance plant?
The Snake Plants are great for those that need something a little more low maintenance. It is available in a variety of sizes and colours. It doesn’t need much light so you can put it somewhere dark or light, it isn’t fussy about it’s surroundings! The best things about this plant is they only need watering once every couple of weeks and still look gorgeous.

What are your Spring favourites?
The Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma plant aka ‘the mini monstera’ will grow really tall so as we head into summer this would be a nice one to show off. It needs somewhere light but not direct sunlight and a regular watering, so again is not too high maintenance!

What else…
We don’t just offer plants for sale. We also provide a service to local offices, we can provide a bespoke service of not only filling their office with gorgeous plants but also provide maintenance. We also offer plenty of tips on which plant to go for and how to really look after them and keep them at their best!

Finally, any advice for those hoping to begin their own business?
Do what you love!

We love it! Thank you Leonie for the story behind your gorgeous shop, we can’t wait to fill our homes with plants…

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