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1st June 2020

Elaine takes us through why she is proud to call Beckenham “home”. My day starts


Elaine takes us through why she is proud to call Beckenham “home”.

My day starts off by walking Remy alongside the ancient oaks and
amongst the crescent-shaped lake which reflects the rest of Beckenham
Place Park. If this was last Summer people would be cooing over Remy,
the Cavapoochon holding a glass of wine and humming along to soul music
which was seemingly coming from the Palladian mansion. 

I simply love showing this town off to those not in the know and telling them
tales of the treasure that used to be a golf course. I also can’t help but add in
that my son, whose a singer songwriter was invited to play on the opening
day of Beckenham Place Park. 

But the real buzz about Beckenham for me has always been the social scene. Its renowned
for its number of bars and more recently its restaurants in fact it’s become a true destination place
for creatives, for example this Autumn’s Indian Food & Craft festival is going to pull in a fair few
thousand people. 
I have a romantic idea of sitting in Bec Rec listening to Shalamar at Soultown
Festival, having picnics and enjoying the epic views.

This isn’t any old part of London. This Kentish village is a compact and bijoux gem of a town.
Its bustling yet cosy enough to still bump into people you know when you’re out and about.
New independent places popping up with my current favourite Poached, offering morning til
night culinary delights from an impressive list of local suppliers. And if you’re into books,
(and who isn’t?) then Beckenham Book Shop is one of the cutest I’ve ever been to!
Gallery Seventeen is full of curiosities too.

Something of interest might be the Bethlem Museum of Mind, with thought provoking exhibitions
which can be from mindfulness to food but always celebrates the achievements of people with
mental health problems.

Beckenham is happening! It ticks all the boxes on a practical level too, blessed for commuting to the
City by rail or bike. Excellent schools, sporting clubs  – it’s got it all in this part of the
Borough of Bromley.

So if you’re looking for a property in Beckenham (I can vouch it’s a stunning place to live)
then please do contact me.