Being Bold

8th August 2018 by Daniella Quaglia

We love working with stylish clients who have beautiful homes. It’s a thrill to be shown around a house and told a story about how a renovation unfolded and original Victorian tiles were exposed in a hallway and why they chose to open up three rooms and extend on the back to create a space that would fit their family lifestyle. Our clients are proud of the details and we love chatting about which paint tone they chose, who fitted the kitchen and how skilful the carpenter was when he made a bespoke stair gate.

A fabulous client called us a couple of weeks ago and has asked her to sell her home. She said that other agents just didn’t love her home as much as her, whereas we did. One agent had even suggest ripping down the gorgeous Matthew Williamson wallpaper and repainting the book shelves as the dark colour (Farrow & Ball Hague Blue) was too dull! Dull!? Dull!? I’ll give you dull Mr Estate Agent – Magnolia is dull, white is dull. Grrr. So be bold and be proud.

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