25th April 2022

Local Brand Crushes: Bobby's

Bobby’s is not just your average café. Situated in a converted Train Carriage on Stratford-upon-Avon’s Greenway, this independent café provides gorgeous artisan coffee, dishes that celebrate local suppliers and evening events that wouldn’t feel out of place in the Mediterranean. Our local agent Grace King spoke to the passionate founders
to find out more…

Meet Grace


Where did the name ‘Bobby’s’ originate?
Contrary to what most people think…we didn’t name it after someone called Bobby! Bobby’s was the name formerly given to train signalmen so it seemed appropriate as we’re located in a train carriage. We deliberated with the name ‘Chew Choo’ for a while but we definitely think Bobby’s has more of a ring to it!

When did Bobby’s open?
We opened on August Bank Holiday 2020 for our first coffee service out of a cart! Despite it being lockdown, this worked quite well for us as the locals could buy a takeaway coffee from us while getting their daily exercise in on the greenway! There was lots of renovating to do on the carriage so we could do this but still provided people with their daily coffee!

The best thing about Bobby’s…
The location is what encouraged us to make the move. We get the best sunsets here so it is perfect to sit outside with a glass of wine watching the sun go down! It’s a great spot for people to make a stop on their weekend strolls, and is also within walking distance from the town so ideal for locals. And if people don’t fancy walking, the greenway car park is next to us!

What are your favourite local spots in town?
Stratford is great for independents and we love to support each other. Brownie Box, Yorks café and The Vintner are a few of our favourites in town. We also love to spend our days off at The Straw Kitchen in Whichford, it’s a pottery barn with incredible local food on site. The Farm in Stratford is also a great place to head to on our days off.

What else do you offer?
We are open every day from 9-5 for coffee and food and on Fridays and Saturdays we are open ’til the sun goes down! Thursday evenings we are open up for events to get people ready for the weekend. We recently partnered with the Little Gin & Rum Company to host a gin tasting evening, it was super popular and we loved getting to know more locals! Another favourite of ours was the Korean night, where our chef created some new really cool dishes!

What’s next …
We have our Summer Fiesta on Saturday 30th April. We’re throwing a big summer bash to mark the first of our many summer evenings. It will be an evening of Cocktails, Paella, Music & Ping Pong! Our awesome chef Jamie used to work in Spain so his paella is out of this world! We’ll be open as normal through the day, then kicking things off with Paella & Music from 6pm. No bookings are required…just rock up!


Thank you…
To the fab team at Bobby’s for letting us come by for a chat and providing us with the best banana bread in Stratford! We look forward to seeing more exciting things from you guys …