Café Culture

We drink 55 million cups of coffee in the UK every day. Many of us drink our espressos guiltily, assuming coffee is bad for us. There is, however, increasing evidence that it is not so detrimental to our health. This is music to our ears at we can now sit in our favourite coffee drinking establishments guilt free. Mr Clarke and I were recently featured in a gorgeous coffee table book produced by Coffee Architects in Leamington Spa to prove that we are true coffee drinkers and not just health fad chasers.

Scientists in Europe and America have found that people who drink about three cups of coffee a day are likely to live longer than those who don’t drink coffee at all. In study, researchers at the International Agency for Research on Cancer and Imperial College London examined data from 521,330 people aged over 35 in ten European countries, and found that men who drank at least three cups a day were 18 per cent less likely to die early from any cause than non-coffee drinkers. Women experienced a 7 per cent reduction in mortality.

Similar results were also reported by American scientists last week. In their study they found that people who drank two or three cups daily had an 18 per cent reduced risk of early death. Coffee drinkers were more likely to be protected from heart disease, cancer, and respiratory diseases, the research found.