A coffee with Luke

Luke has always been used to working with people who want to change the world. Often with creatives you get to see the outcome, and in this case it's pretty much any Mr & Mrs Clarke visual from the website to print, but it's super interesting to delve deeper and get to know the human behind the branding studio. So putting creative direction, strategy and photography aside, here's a little more about Luke Taylor, our Creative Director.

Strictly Business

First and foremost why did you choose to work with Mr and Mrs Clarke?
I’ve been with Mr and Mrs Clarke from the very first conversations about what it could be, and why it needed to exist. With Paul & Alex’s enthusiasm and drive to make a difference it was infectious and a no-brainier to come onboard as Brand Director.

Favourite type of property?
My favourite type of property is one with potential – potential to be something more than it is. We live a stone’s throw from the beach and can sit in the garden looking down to the lighthouse and even though I didn’t grow up on the coast, we’ve been drawn to it and I’m not sure I could live too far from it now.

Your Mr and Mrs Clarke highlight so far?
My highlights so far is a hard one question, theres so many. I suppose I would say welcoming our first partners, first sellers and first staff members. Our business has been a joy of firsts. Also winning a prestige design award was a personal highlight and we’re hoping it’s another first of many in that regard.

Where’s your favourite city?
My favourite city is a split between Copenhagen and New York. They both have surprising similarities from the parks along the waters edges and compliment love of food and eating with friends. They are also both creative melting pots with design, photography and art at every intersection. I love spending as much time as I can in those cities and can’t wait to get back and soak up the energy.

A little more personal…

Tea or Coffee?
Coffee in the AM – Tea in the PM.

Early bird or night owl?
With two young kids and businesses to run it’s early starts and late evenings. It’s been a long time since I’ve been either or, but here’s hoping I can get back to being classed as a night owl one day.

What 3 items would I always find in your fridge?
Good quality cheese, a bottle of something nice to drink and too many condiments…we bloody love a sauce.

What was your first job?
My first job was a Karate Instructor which I did from the age of 13, as I was (at the time) the youngest black belt in the UK.

Last series you binge-watched?
Vikings was the last thing I binged watched.

Which website do you visit the most?
Gmail! That website is never closed. Other than that it’s creative inspiration sites or Medium.

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