Concierge Service

3rd August 2017 by Daniella Quaglia

We do not walk your dog and we don’t babysit – apart from that we aim to provide a concierge service when selling your home. When you sell your home with Mr & Mrs Clarke you have a dedicated agent working for you with a “nothing is too much trouble” attitude. We know that everyone thinks selling a home is the most stressful time of life apart from Christmas day with my mother in law, I mean divorce (although that may be on the cards now I have publicly offended my mother in law). Selling a house is stressful because it is handled by unorganised sharks. Our agents handle every aspect of a sale and make sure that they always have the answer and keep everyone updated. If our agents were dogs they would be a cross between a relentless terrier, a loyal labrador and a stylish Afghan Hound – they would clean up at Crufts.

Our team of agents know their areas like the back of their well manicured hands and they are very selective over the properties they manage. They don’t sit in glass boxes on the High Street pretending to look busy and fighting with each other to get a quick sale. Our agents work for their clients and they look out for their best interests at all times.

When you think of the stress of selling a property it usually emanated from a lie from an agent, incompetence from an agent or unnecessary pressure from barker in an estate agents office (more bulldog than a terrier, labrador, Afgahan hound cross).

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