Daniella Quaglia

The magic of Mr & Mrs Clarke happens in the mind and the Mac of Daniella. You will find this creative Account Manager with a coffee in one hand and her phone in the other at our Brighton studio. She can be posting images on Instagram one minute, designing an advert the next and all with an effortless grace.
Daniella works closely with our Brand Directors Luke Taylor & Jan Rust to create and implement ideas. Their latest project has seen them create our Home Blend coffee with one of the leading coffee roasters in the country – Red Roaster.
“I am currently working with Jan on a new website and a new series of Journals. We are always looking how we can showcase homes in a better way and also on giving our clients and followers interesting and inspiring reads.”
Having experience working with architects and interior designers means Daniella can assist Partners with styling homes and dressing them for advertising. Her attention to detail and eye for a great photo is invaluable – just don’t leave her to put together Ikea furniture!
“I love making ideas happen. Working with such a creative team is inspiring and being based in a buzzing studio means that there are always ideas flying around,” explains Daniella.

If you could live in one of the homes you have seen, which would it be?

Hogbrook Farm!

What makes a home?

Personality. 100%.

What is your home like?

When I’m not busy rearranging my furniture, I take pride in keeping my plants alive and adding to my magazine bookshelf (getting around to reading them all is another story…)

What’s in your fridge?

Some sour dough starter ready for homemade pizza (gifted from my lovely friend).

What is your favourite place to visit?
I’m an avid National Trust fan. Whenever I can go to a new one I take my two mini Schnauzers – Fizzy & Chase – along for the ride! So far my all-time favourite is Stourhead in Warminster.

You can follow Daniella’s adventures on Instagram @daniellacaraq