20th March 2023

Long-live Vitsœ. The makers of long-living furniture

Behind the scenes at Vitsœ.

Since 1959 Vitsœ has created and evolved furniture that allows its customers to live better, with less, that lasts longer. Vitsœ is renowned for its single-minded commitment to responsible design as well as its continuous production of Dieter Rams’s original furniture, for which it holds an exclusive worldwide licence. Vitsœ only sells directly to customers in more than 80 countries, ensuring a seamless process that nurtures lifelong relationships.

We spent a morning at Vitsœ HQ in Leamington Spa to learn about the place they now call “home” and meet the inspiring people who work there.

Photography ©Vitsœ; Dirk Lindner

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Vitsœ’s universal building system

In 2017, Vitsœ completed work on a brand new production and HQ building in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. All of Vitsœ’s primary business activities were moved from it’s previous premises in Camden, Greater London, into the building in the same year.

Like its Dieter Rams-designed furniture, Vitsœ’s building was conceived as a universal system – a kit of parts – to adapt and evolve continuously in response to the changing needs of its occupiers.

The structure houses product-assembly, research & development, an exhibition, overnight accommodation, a kitchen with dining, software development and more. While 40-foot containers are dispatched during the day, lectures, dinners or concerts can take place in the evening.

The health and well-being of its occupants is central to the building’s design. Orientated precisely north-south, its saw-tooth roof provides natural light and ventilation while generating electricity via photovoltaic panels. Artificial lighting is rarely needed during daylight hours.

The building’s structure, walls, roof, and wall-insulation are all made of wood. Vitsœ has used beech in its furniture since 1959. Therefore, it was entirely appropriate that the building’s structure is constructed of beech laminate-veneer lumber. Extra 5m and 7.5m-long beech beams – held in stock at the building – can be added or moved to create walls, floors or roofs as necessary.

The building was fabricated off-site. Finished components – up to 25m in length – were erected by two computer-controlled cranes. The entire structure was assembled in 23 working days.

Wallpaper published an article called Dream factory about the making of the Vitsœ HQ

You can visit Vitsœ’s shops on Regent Street in Leamington Spa or on Marylebone Lane in London.