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16th March 2021

Peek inside some interiors which will make you blush. From light rosé to deep coral,

Think Pink

Peek inside some interiors which will make you blush. From light rosé to deep coral, pink has become a more and more popular colour, here’s some inspiration for your next makeover.

Marshmellow Baby

Stereotypically, pink is used to portray femininity, however from below you’ll learn the colour can take many forms. This one we have to admit is quite teenage-girl-bedroom but that’s exactly what it is! Pale pinks can emulate anything from satin to Baby Spice. Baby pink brings back memories of candy floss and bubblegum, and colour psychologists claim this tone brings out a gentle loving energy.

Nearest colour match rosie posie by earthborn
As seen in Queen Street, Stamford

Raspberry Ripple

This adventurous colour appears red to some and pink to others, but always feels happy and vital. This slightly crimson hue works fantastic in small spaces. This hallway feature walls, or create a two tone wall with a colder colour to make the space feel dynamic and energising. It really reminds us of hibiscus flowers…or better even a nice red wine. Be bold. Go on.

Nearest colour match can-can by earthborn
As seen in portland street, leamington spa

Amaranth Abloom

Think about this colour and 9 out of 10 times an image of tulips, roses or cherry blossom pops up. The colour amaranth is similar to printer’s magenta, but redder. However it does come in different shades (it’s never straight forward with colour is it!?) from radical amaranth to deep amaranth which verges on purple. What you see here is House of Hackney’s statement wallpaper fit for any design conscious room; bedroom or otherwise.

Nearest colour match Middleton Pink by Farrow & Ball
As seen in Queen Street, Stamford


Old Rose

Somewhere between bright hues and grey lies dusty colour palettes. This sophisticated and dainty colour resembles. It’s romantic whilst expressive. It’s not wild and but it’s not necessarily warm. This contemporary pink will stand the test of time, as its liveable tones create a comforting, hygge atmosphere. Complex to dissect, we’ve decided that it’s just one of those colours you can’t but we do love it.

Nearest colour match Highland Rose by Graham & brown
As seen in st john’s house, stamford

Dusky Hues

Starting the day with a husky hue of pink is both fun and relaxing, whilst keeping a sophisticated mood to the room. Be pink and proud and add a soft touch to your room with a cool colour – nothing too whimsical. This is the most delightful choice for a bedroom or somewhere you like to relax.
We think it’s a lovely colour to have and you don’t need to use it sparingly!

Nearest colour match Pink 04 by Lick
As seen in clairview gardens, solihull

Tropical Tones

When island inspirations come a calling, answer back with a splash of lush paradise. Salmon and grey come together with pops of deep pink, coral and patterns which inspire daydreaming of hotter continents and colourful cocktails. Lake Red is an adventurous, happy paint – but use sparingly. You can always compliment the feature wall with brighter soft furnishings. This is the perfect colour to play with patterns and texture. Enjoy!

Nearest colour match lake red by farrow & ball
As seen in upper ladyes hill, kenilworth

We are always drooling over some sort of interior; whether it’s colours or layouts we’re interested! If you’re thinking of selling you’re discerningly different home, or simply want some advice on how to make your home buyer-ready then get in touch. In the meantime, think pink!