Dog’s Life

19th September 2016 by Daniella Quaglia

Whether he is snuggled up on our sofa or bounding down the hall with a shoe in his mouth, our dog makes – and occasionally breaks – our home. Like so many of our clients, we wouldn’t be without a dog, but owning a dog doesn’t mean resigning yourself to scratched furniture or ugly chew toys. We asked Mrs Clarke how she combines dogs with domestic chic.

Tell us about your dog. Marlowe is five year old black labrador. He is what you expect from an old fashioned labrador except that he is very particular with his food. He loves yogurt, creamy puddings and eats in a very dainty manner. Although Mr Clarke likes to think him and Marlowe are typical Man & Dog”, he is really my dog. I am smitten.

Where at home does he spend most of his time? We recently bought a beautiful leather sofa and, although we would like to think ourselves strict dog owners, he uses it as his bed. He has a gorgeous Daylesford dog bed with a soft blanket in the study but he only ever curls up in there when he feels poorly. He is not allowed to go upstairs, which we think is really important.

Does he mess up your home? Yes. He sheds hair, smells and leaves crumbs on the floor after chewing a biscuit but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are very tidy and we clean up after Marlowe. I would rather have it like this that live without my best friend.

Any tips on pet proofing a home? We love scented candles but we always make sure they are not burning at tail wagging level. We have stone and wood floors downstairs, which make it easier to sweep up hair and we have a Dyson that sucks up do hairs.

Where are some stylish places you can take your dog? We recently stayed at Cliveden House where Marlowe could roam over 250 acres of woodland and for £35 he could stay in the bedroom in his own bed. Lots of pubs allow dogs in the bar area to eat and we always book with Marlowe in mind. The Boot Inn, Lapworth loves seeing Marlowe and we enjoy the food.

Where do shop for the dog? We go old school for leads and shop at Orvis, but our favourite shop is Mungo & Maud. They have it covered when it comes to stylish accessories and homewards for Marlowe.

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