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18th March 2022

Offering a luxury bespoke floristry service, wonderful speciality coffee and a fabulous outdoor café, Essentially

Essentially Floral

Offering a luxury bespoke floristry service, wonderful speciality coffee and a fabulous outdoor café, Essentially Floral prove that all good things really do come in threes.

Essentially Floral Beth MMC

We love: The stunning flowers and the smell of fresh coffee!
Where: In the ancient village of Appleby Magna, nestled in the heart of the Midlands, in beautiful South Derbyshire.
Who: Jilly Matley, Managing Director of Essentially Floral.

Where did your passion for all things floral come from?
My first love is nature: the countryside, woodland, mountains, animals, blossom and flowers…I’m a nature addict and love travelling and exploring. I’ve been lucky enough to visit some very unusual destinations, my most memorable trips being Ethiopia & Zimbabwe. When I was young, I would be in my element picking cherries, playing near the duck pond and running through the woods!

What do you love about your customers?
I love all of our customers and know them, their families and even their pets by name! I connect with them and I care deeply that we deliver a great product, something I know they would love. We aim above expectations and we definitely want our customers be happy when they buy from us and know that our heart and soul goes into everything we do.

How did you decide on your studio location?
Our studio is in the heart of the countryside and is such an inspirational place to work. We avoid the noise and queues of the town, opting for a slower and more peaceful way of life. Even when it’s busy here, we can still take a moment to enjoy the surroundings and bring balance to our lives. 


What other businesses are you loving right now?
I love interior design and I love discovering new brands. I love Oka, and have recently discovered Curiosa lighting which is beautifully creative. Charles York Furniture who are based in Nottingham and make fabulous furniture, and I’m also loving choosing all things interior and fabric for my new home. I use a talented local lady called Jane Alexander Interiors, who is doing an absolutely wonderful job making curtains and blinds. Jane is great and happily goes along with me when I include all of the quirky bits of trim & tassels I put into the mix to make everything unique to me! 

Are you planning on collaborating with any other brands?
We have a really exciting project coming up with an Italian fashion brand called Slowear located on The Kings Road in Chelsea. We have been invited to create their floral window display for Chelsea In Bloom for the second year running. The theme is ‘Wild’ and I can’t wait to start planning, it’s going to be so much fun.

What’s next…
We have 3 brands currently: Essentially Floral, Essentially Christmas Decorating and The Cutting Garden Cafe so that’s a tough question! I love a challenge and I’m excited by change and growth, so who knows what is on the horizon…

Finally, any advice for those hoping to begin their own business?
Think way out of your comfort zone, dream big and then go for it ! Do what you love, do what is honest and right for you, forget the business plan…that can come later. The hardest part is taking the plunge and taking yourself away from financial security and taking a leap into the unknown. As they say “Feel the fear and do it anyway”; it takes courage but it can be done.

essentially floral MMC

We love it! Thank you Jilly for the story behind your gorgeous studio, we can’t wait to fill our homes with fresh flowers…

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