31st October 2022

Fika Café

In this week’s Journal, our Oakham agent Vicky Floros chatted to Tia and Ivo, the brother and sister duo behind the incredible Fika Cafe, which happens to be Vicky’s favourite spot to do some work.

Meet Vicky

Tell us how you got started and all about your journey so far…
We moved to Oakham about thirteen years ago after growing up in Africa, then living in Kenya and Bulgaria before settling in the UK. We both worked in Fika before we owned it, and eventually it just felt like everything aligned and we bought it in June 2020 (during covid – we knew what we were getting into!). That was never the plan but we did always talk about owning a business together as we worked really well as a duo. We have very different strengths and weaknesses so we complement each other well professionally.

What an interesting story! What is your favourite part about owning a business here? 
We absolutely love the community and that we can go for a walk on the High Street and bump into so many people we know, whether that’s from the cafe or just in general. Our customers in Oakham are all so lovely and we see familiar faces almost every day!

Where are your favourite spots in the area?
Food wise, we love Sarpech or San Giorgio, they both have a great atmosphere and the food is amazing. We also adore the bread and baked goods from Lily & Honey – We always love supporting local businesses. For walks, there’s some beautiful routes along the canal or up in the fields towards Braunston. They’re turning this area into housing so make sure you get there before then!


Yum, I couldn’t agree more! Where did the concept for Fika come from and how are you finding it all?
Fika is a Swedish concept based around the act of enjoying a coffee and something sweet while taking some time out of your day. We have been running Fika for just over two years and we absolutely love it. It’s so sociable and there are so many wonderful people we meet who support what we’re doing.

We all need a bit of Fika in our lives! What’s your personal favourite thing off your menu? 
Tia’s personal favourite has to be a Fika Bowl, or the French Toast soldiers with peanut butter dip which hits the sweet spot. Ivo’s has to be something off the specials, like the pulled pork burrito…It’s amazing and so messy to eat! He also loves a pastry in the morning so our almond croissants have to be up there for him.

Yum! What do your customers love the most? And where do you get your inspiration from?
Our best sellers have to be the “Fika’s Avo” and the “Wild Mushrooms” dishes – people can’t get enough of them. We get inspiration from loads of places but it’s a very collaborative process between us and our 4 amazing chefs. We change the menu with the seasons so no one is ever bored of it.

The Wild Mushroom is definitely my go-to! And finally…What’s next?!
We’re currently working on our third (and we think final!) site of Fika which is going to be at Woolfox, around ten minutes from Oakham. It’s very different to the other two cafés but we’re confident it will work really well. Our Autumn menu is now here and it’s amazing, possibly the best yet although we always say that!

How exciting, we can’t wait to visit your next one!