Flowers on the Cobbles

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27th November 2021

At Mr & Mrs Clarke, we have a penchant for collecting plants and having freshly

Flowers on the Cobbles

At Mr & Mrs Clarke, we have a penchant for collecting plants and having freshly picked flowers on any surface. We met with Helen from Flowers on the Cobbles who has a similar penchant for curating them.

flowers on the cobbles

We love: The colours, scents and conversation dance together.
Where: Along Sandbach’s cobbled (surprise surprise) high street by the market square.
Who: Helen Williams aka the flower goddess behind Flowers on the Cobbles.

squash flowers on the cobbles

We LOVE your store. How did Flowers on the Cobbles come about?
I had been a florist for over 25 years and carried on part time while I looked after our children. We were looking ahead to the time when we would have an empty nest and I knew I needed to have something in my life that was for me! I spotted the empty shop unit, on the cobbled market square while my husband and I were out walking. He pointed at it and said “this would be perfect for Flowers on the Cobbles” …and that was that…we opened 3 months later!

What a lovely story. Everyone leaves here with a smile on their face…what difference do you think flowers can make to a person and a home?
During the pandemic flowers and plants have been so important to people. A delivery of beautiful fresh flowers conveys emotions like nothing else can, and every time you look at those flowers in your home you’re reminded that someone cares about you. Plants are proven to be mood lifters and are calming for the mind; they clean the air that we breathe and provide life in empty rooms. In short, flowers and plants turn a house into a home.

Do you have a favourite uplifting flower arrangement? 
We do an arrangement called the just picked crate. It’s a beautiful, vintage style arrangement presented in a painted wooden crate & sits so well in every home – it’s pretty, easy to care for & lasts ages – it’s our number 1 best seller, so I’m not the only one who loves it!



We’re so glad we found you. Where are your top 3 hidden gems in Sandbach?
We’re very lucky to have the Bears Paw in Warmingham, quite literally on our doorstep at home so that’s my top hidden gem! Friendly staff, fabulous food and Liz (who is on the bar) makes the best Gin & Tonic in Cheshire. Trust me.

We walk a lot and spend a lot of time in the Cheshire countryside. I love going to Arley Hall – the gardens there are some of the best I’ve ever seen – beautiful full herbaceous borders with stunning colour combinations. It’s really worth a visit!

One of the down side of countryside living is that we get occasional power cuts, so my favourite bolt hole for a cut of any length has to be The Curzon Cinema in Knutsford. It’s the most civilised way to watch a movie ever! Big comfy seats and a nice wine in hand while you watch – heaven!

You’re so important for the modern high street. How important is the local community to you? 
When I opened the shop I was determined that it was to be a hub. I think we’ve achieved that! We have lots of people who come in for a browse and a regular chat – I’m very conscious that for some people we may be the only source of conversation they have that day. We also support a number of local charities – we’re a drop off point for the charity Chance Changing Lives who provide food and hot meals for those who may be struggling. In a small town like Sandbach, community is everything!

We live in a world obsessed with change. But plants have always, and will always, make us happy. There’s nothing like waking up and seeing how they’ve grown or changed.

Helen, founder of Flowers on the Cobbles

flowers on the cobbles

If you’re ever in Sandbach, head through the cobbled streets to find Flowers on the Cobbles for a lovely combination of fresh scents and friendly conversation. Thank you Helen for making us feel so at home!

Haven’t got green fingers? Don’t worry, Helen & co are filled with advice. Prefer faux? Read about our favourite faux plants here.

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