We popped in to Green & Wild, the flower cornucopia in Warwick to chat all things flowers – we left feeling full of inspiration and slightly dizzy (in a good way) from the gorgeous floral scents! Hannah Bosbury is the super stylish and wonderfully creative owner of Green & Wild whose flower-filled-shop on Smith Street is well worth a visit. If you can’t pop in then jump onto her beautifully curated instagram account.
Once you enter the shop you’re hit with a wonderful mix of vibrant colour and lovely smelling flora. It’s that time of year where foliage and flowers in the garden inspire us to bring them into the home and echo the flourishing outside. We have always thought that flowers enhance the positivity of a home and make great rooms come alive.
We sat down for a cuppa and chat with Hannah and got the low down of Green & Wild.


Where did the idea to set up your own florist come from?
I had been a florist for around a decade, some of that in London some in Australia, and when we moved to Warwick I felt it was a natural progression in my career and that it would enable me to be creative and carry on in what I love to do.
What is your favourite thing about being an independent business owner?
I love getting to choose the flowers we get to work with, interesting and different flowers as well as classics.
Any good advice you’ve had, or have to share with others?
One of the biggest questions I get from people is about flower food to prolong the life of flowers, I was always taught that changing the water every 2 days and cutting the stems (at an angle) works as well if not better to prolong the life of your flowers.
Why are flowers so important in the home?
People seem to love bringing the outside in, not to mention the gorgeous colours and scents flowers can have, they can definitely lift your mood or make a room feel welcoming.
Do you have any tips on how to make a successful arrangement?
Making your own arrangement into a vase, I would say making sure you give your flowers different levels, think about a garden and how things grow, you can see the tall things at the back and short large flowers generally grow lower down. Everything wants to be seen and appreciated.
A fail safe for a vase arrangement is any flower en-mass, buy a few bunches of something and let them speak for themselves.
Where of you find inspiration?
I definitely get inspiration from the garden, wild flowers and from the many botanically inspired florists popping up everywhere, instagram is great for finding inspiration.
There’s something so calming about waking up in the morning and watching buds bloom…we wish we could wake up in Green & Wild everyday.