Green & Wild

When our home is full flowers the place just feels better (and smells nicer). Fill your home with love and flowers.

The shop is as pretty as the flowers. The window display is always beautiful and once inside there are fresh flowers, dried flowers, gift cards, vases and other little treasures that you can't resist. 

Mrs Clarke

George Orwell, railing at the decay of his beloved English language, decried the growing preference for scientific flower names (chrysanthemum, say) over the older, more descriptive forget-me-nots and snapdragons.
Quite right too George old boy! To us flowers are like music, they express emotions that are too raw, sacred or risqué for words. The process of giving and receiving flowers is beautiful and romantic, thoughtful and personal.
Our go to florist shop is Green & Wild in Warwick. These girls are artists and lovely people. From the moment you walk into the little shop on Smith Street you are greeted by a treat to the senses and a warm smile.
Forget the temptation to shove a bunch of sorry daffodils in your trolley at the faceless supermarket and take some time to create a gorgeous bouquet in a florist shop. It is a more meaningful experience and whether you are keeping the flowers at home or giving them to someone they will mean far more when you have selected the blooms and chosen the colour scheme. (It’s also not that expensive! We pop into G&W regularly to grab a bunch of eucalyptus to make the house look fresh and a bug bunch is only a few quid.)

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