Hamman Towels

17th August 2017 by Daniella Quaglia

My favourite discovery of the summer is this gorgeous fouta from the fabulous www.babooshe.com. These soft cotton towels have been my most used and most loved accessory this summer – lightweight, they roll up to nothing in a suitcase or gym bag, dry quickly and wonderfully comfortable and stylish as a sarong. They also look great used in the bathroom or as a tablecloth or throw. They have wrapped baby Clarke up after a bath and Mr Clarke has also been seen with a black one around his waist after a shower (not photo worthy!) Babooshe have 30 designs and they are all handwoven in Tunisia to traditional methods. You will be seeing them featured in a Mr & Mrs Clarke bathroom, sun lounger and kitchen table from now on. (£31 from www.babooshe.com)

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