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12th January 2017 by Daniella Quaglia

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The gym is busier than ever, the pub is quieter than usual and instagram is full of attractive personal trainers. January is here and if you are still on the healthy wagon then good on you. I am trying and it is making me feel very good inside (I just hope it will show on the outside soon). Most people may give up and return to their slovenly ways by February but while January is here let’s try to be healthy.

Forget the sculpting of body beautiful for a moment and put down the soup recipe; what about our homes? Are they healthy? Are there aspects of our houses that are making us unhealthy? According to a recent study 15.3 million of the homes in the UK are at risk of Toxic Home Syndrome, 81% of people are at risk of suffering from a respiratory or dermatological condition because of poor air quality inside their home and 58% of people have experienced mould or condensation in their home. This may sound like a scare story from The Daily Mail but, take it how you will, it is pretty scary to think that our gorgeous scented candles and roaring log burners are making us unhealthy.

So instead of regurgitating the top ten exercises to help you uncover a flatter tummy I wanted to give you some top tips on how to make your home healthier in 2017.

Throw your windows open

It may be cold outside but try to open your windows whenever you can. A blast of fresh air is good for your home. Naturally ventilated buildings are far better for us than air conditioned homes or poorly ventilated properties. There is also something attractive about a full washing line blowing in the wind, so try to hang washing out instead of drying it inside, which creates excess moisture.

Chemical brothers

We all try to feed our bodies with healthy produce so we should really be doing the same with our homes. Use eco friendly cleaning products, organic scented candles, ban air freshness and use roll on deodorant and eco-friendly beauty products. The air in your home will be cleaner and there will be less chance of Sick Building Syndrome, which causes headaches, fatigue and skin irritation. 

Wood flooring

Parquet flooring is back in vogue and who can resist a gorgeous reclaimed floorboard? Ditch the carpets, which harbour dirt, dust mites, pet hair, fungus and other potentially harmful particles that can aggravate the lungs. Use rugs instead of carpets and underlays – the latter contain adhesives and chemical finishes. Take a look at our Pinterest board for flooring inspiration.

Digital detox

There is always a scare story about the electromagnetic fields that are swarming around, as well as the health benefits of putting down the iPhone before bed, so take note and digitally detox to make a healthier home. A good tip is to switch off all technology devices by the wall when you’ve finished using them; it saves money and is healthier. Also try not to sleep too close to electrical appliances, like your phone charging next to your bed (we all do it!)

Shoes off

It’s bad manners to wear shoes indoors and it’s also unhealthy. Leave your shoes at the door so pollen, dirt and soil from outdoors is not spread around your home. Just make sure you have nice socks on when you go to friends’ houses.

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