10th March 2023





Mr & Mrs Clarke x Hooray’s

“We’ve become a bit of a household name in
Stratford which is incredible.”

Why did you create the business?

My mum actually had the idea of setting up the business and while I was studying at university I thought it would be fun to join her just as a distraction from writing my dissertation! We went on a ice cream making course and then opened the shop 11 years ago now, it’s crazy how quickly it’s gone by!

did you fully re-design the space?  

To an extent, yes. We did what we could afford, mainly putting in the large freezers that we needed which were expensive! But the whole space was inspired by my Grandma’s kitchen, which was always centred around the kitchen table with a traditional family feel.


what time are you open until?

At the moment we close at 6pm but during the summer we stay open until 9pm – We’re also fully licensed too so people often come here for a glass of wine or cocktail with the kids enjoy their ice cream!

Ice cream

All of our ice cream is made in-house and we come up with all the flavours ourselves. We source the milk from Cotswold Dairy just down the road and we love to use local suppliers where we can.

obviously summer is your busiest time but how do you find the winter months?

I’d say 70% of our takings come from the summer months which starts from Easter and ends in September. It’s still busy on the weekends throughout the Winter but it’s always when the schools are off for holidays that we find our sales go through the roof.


do you do a lot of marketing for the store?

We’re active across all of our social media channels and do a little bit of online marketing but it’s difficult to measure as we find a lot of our business comes through word of mouth too as well as people simply passing by and coming in.


have you expanded the menu from just ice cream?

Yes this year we have introduced our Pudding menu which includes a lot of hot deserts like crumbles and chocolate fudge cake which go alongside the ice cream. They’ve been so popular and we’ve now even expanded our seating to include tables upstairs as well as a courtyard garden to cater for those that want to eat in.

Ice cream shop