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If you really want to sell your house, get Mr & Mrs Clarke in.

We were approached a couple of months ago by a gentleman who was trying to sell his property. He had it on the market with a high street estate agent for six months for £1.35 million and he was devastated that there had only been three viewings. I looked at the photos, did some research and gave it to him straight.

The house looks terrible on the internet and there is not enough detail about the property and lifestyle.

He instructed the Mr & Mrs Clarke team and we sold the property for asking price within three weeks. Here is how we do it

The Price is Right

This is absolutely crucial. Launch a property at the wrong price and you dont receive the enquiries. Attractively priced, however, and you can easily achieve 20 to 30 viewings from internet enquiries in the first couple of days, as opposed to one or two if the property is incorrectly priced.

Do your own homework on comparable houses through online sources such as Zoopla and Rightmove. You will then be able to work out what your house is worth. Estate agents sometimes come in and overprice properties to get an instruction, others underprice properties so they can get commission quickly. By doing your own research you can discuss valuations with your Mr & Mrs Clarke Property Consultant and make sure your house enters the market at the right price that creates the dream scenario of getting two to three applicants offering at the same time to achieve the emotion-driven “Darling, I dont care what it costs, I must have itoffer!

Pretty as a Picture

Weve all heard the standard advice clear clutter and paint everything neutral. However, remember that youre selling a home, not an empty property. Mr & Mrs Clarke use interior designers and stylists to come into your home and make it look like a magazine shoot. There needs to be just enough in the rooms and outside to allow buyers browsing online to imagine themselves living in your home.

mr and mrs clarke interior design

Gone are the days when a couple of naff photos in an estate agents window will do. Buyers are now pouring over property sites and visualising themselves on the sofa or cooking in the kitchen. An empty room does not evoke excitement and too much clutter shows you arent serious about selling your house fast.

Mrs Clarke recently wrote about how a picture paints a thousand words. Its really simpleWe use some of the best interior and exterior photographers. Please dont sell your house with bad photography; buyers will be on the front foot when they come into your home because they know you dont care. You wouldnt go on holiday to a hotel where the photos of the pool are uninviting!

Have a look at Foxgrove House to see how it should be done.

Turn-ons … and turn-offs

The latest list of shame includes garish floral wallpaper, carpets in bathrooms, 1990s feature walls, and bulky antique furniture, so get rid of it. Contemporary bathrooms think rain showers and large kitchen/family rooms opening onto the garden are the ideal. If your kitchen isnt up to scratch, get a quote for a replacement and prices from a reputable company and show buyers whats possible.

An Architect’s Abode was a great example of a house that had been transformed for a quick house sale.

Light & Spacious

It is thought that viewers make up their minds within three minutes of entering your home, so make your home inviting. Clean windows inside and out, lift blinds and pull back curtains. Replace dead lightbulbs and wash dusty fittings and shades.

The importance of natural light cannot be underestimated when selling a space. The appearance of a space can either gently beckon new homeowners or frighten them off. Its not as simple as turning on all the lights. We think that gently lighting a space with lamps and opening doors and curtains makes a space more appealing. Let in as much sunlight as possible through windows and avoid pitting artificial light sources against natural light. This is easy enough during spring and long summer days, it just takes a bit of preparation.

Cleanliness and a lack of clutter help visitors focus on whats important. Minimalism is transparencythe goal is to make sure that nothing stands in the way between people and the vision they have of a home. We advise to give a home a personal touch, which separates minimalism from sterility: Plants and flowers will make a space feel like home.

The Old Brick House is a great example of how Mr & Mrs Clarke Estate Agency made a property into a light space for marketing.

old brick house mr & mrs clarke

Mr & Mrs Clarke are Hard Workers

You have one real chance to present your property well on the internet to help you sell your house. Mr & Mrs Clarke property consultants make sure your home has all the technical and lifestyle information available. The floor plan, EPC, details on the property and the local area are all presented so buyers have everything to make an offer. Take a look at Frogmore to see how much detail is included when Mr & Mrs Clarke sell a property.

Act Online  

All agents should put your house on their own website and upload to leading portals. Lots of agents are only on one portal; either Rightmove or Zoopla. You are missing out on buyers. Mr & Mrs Clarke are on both.

It is really useful to receive regular feedback about who is looking at your property online. Mr & Mrs Clarke send a breakdown of the analytics. Details include theclick-throughrates, how many call their have been, how viewings have gone and what feedback has been. There is also a section on what marketing will be done over the next week.

Make Social Media Really social

Every agents says they are on social media. But are they working for you on social media? @theclarkeshouse on Twitter links with local people where you are selling your home, photos are across Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and property consultants are chatting to buyers constantly across the platforms.

Property consultants at Mr & Mrs Clarke Estate Agency have led Periscope viewings for people who live in different parts of the country! New ideas to make selling your house easier.

More and More Information

The obligatory Energy Performance Certificate can be a major hurdle because it frightens would-be buyers. If the verdict suggests a programme of insulation is required and fuel costs are potentially high, be pro-active. Arm yourself with your actual bills and show viewers your energy-saving measures, such as draught-proofing and thermal curtains. Knowledge is king and Mr & Mrs Clarke make sure they have all the information buyers need to make an offer.

What’s the broadband speed? Is the water pressure good? How far to the shops?

Every question has been asked so property consultants know the answer.

When a sale is agreed, handling queries becomes the responsibility of a conveyancing solicitor. For a swift completion, choose a recommended, reliable practitioner, and have your own paperwork such as leasehold details ready to go. Mr & Mrs Clarke dont stop talking to you at this point, quite the contrary. Property consultants will hold your hand until completion when they will give you a bottle of bubbles to celebrate.  

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