Insight 14 | Home sweet pop-up home

17th November 2015 by Daniella Quaglia

When the time has come to up sticks and lay your hat in a new home, we all have tick boxes of things that are important to us. How far is it to town, what’s the area like and where’s the local pub (that’s the top of Mr Clarke’s list)? Yes, it really is all about location, location, location.

Both Mrs Clarke and myself have always had a soft spot Leamington, the plethora of hip cafes such as the Haddie and Trilby (loving Pizza Night) and Coffee Architects  (knock your socks off flat whites), artisan shops hidden away in secluded nooks and crannies and an altogether welcoming vibe. Mrs Clarke went to school in Leam and considers herself a proper Leamingtonian. After not much deliberation, we plumped for the Spa for our newest office.

And so, as of January 6th 2016, we’ll be in our new pop-up office in the delightful Thrills Of The Emporium, a menagerie of unique and original home furnishings. Please do pop in! Mrs Clarke will have mouth-wateringly sumptuous brownies, sharp local knowledge and marketing prowess. And I’ll be there with good humour, bundles of beautiful properties to view and even our lovingly docile black lab, Marlowe.

As a boutique estate agency, we sell a variety of homes and provide every client who is selling with the best property marketing services. We are driven to achieve the best for our clients. Our fabulous Head of Sales, Borja, will be providing home sellers in Leamington the best bed property services in the town. We make sure that homes are styled by home staging professionals and photographed and advertised by the best interior photographers in the property business. Surprised? We have a feeling the cut of our estate agent’s jib is something you won’t have encountered before. It’s what we believe makes us discerningly different.

Because we are a modern company we can sell homes through our luxury service at a fraction of the cost high street agents charge. Surprised again?

So if moving is on your mind, call us now to prepare selling your home in 2016.

Our Pop up estate agency in Leamington is at Thrills, 31A Warwick Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 5JX from January 6th.

We look forward to making your acquaintance and perhaps talking about your next move.


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