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11th January 2015 by Daniella Quaglia

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With January days so dim, and gardens so bare, many of us might think househunting should wait until the spring. But the 69.7m visits to Rightmove’s property portal in the first month of 2014 — 29% more than in the year before — would prove us wrong. And they weren’t just property-porn fantasists looking for a post-Christmas kick: our phone lines have been ringing off the hook for people looking to buy.

So it is now, as the year begins, that buyers start trawling property websites and plotting their house moves. Prospective buyers generally don’t like to view houses over the Christmas period. By January, there is an overflow of pent-up demand.

The new year is also a time when people decide to change their lifestyle — they go freelance, decide to commute or downsize — all of which can involve a move. On top of that, it’s well known that an inordinate number of couples separate after Christmas, which means one or both parties looking for new homes.

If you really want to sell your house then we have some rules that we always employ; interior styling of a home, beautiful photography, great copy writing about the home and area and honest and open facts about the property.

We are all too used to seeing homes that are badly presented and slow to sell because of it. For some obscure reason, many agents cannot resist including a load of old guff in write-ups. A rare opportunity to acquire…, for example, is a waste of time and space. “A unique property”, what does that raelly mean? What a potential buyer really wants to know — apart from the price, of course — is exactly what the house is (detached? Country house? Terraced?) and where it is (easy commute? Near a station or supermarket?).

Saying that a house is characterful means nothing, so why do people allow their agent to sound like a Romantic poet high on laudanum. A quaint, bijou cottage, nestling in splendid isolation… We think simplicity is key and would call it a 250-year-old cottage in a quiet location, 400yd from the village centre, with its primary school, busy village store and noted gastropub”.

Photography is our biggest passion and we pride ourselves on being better than old school agents. We dress the house and clear the home of clutter. We employ professional interior photographers who use top end kit and lighting to create interesting pictures. We include a few lifestyle images, too, such as shots of the range cooker, but we offer a balanced mixture.

Unlike some of our riskier agent frineds, we do everything by the book. The Property Misdescriptions Act of 1991, which makes it illegal to make false or misleading statements is sometimes ignored and we wholeheartedly condone this behaviour.

Essentially, we credit people interested in buying your home with some intelligence. We ask you lots of questions about your home so we can offer the vital information buyers need and we edit out all the syrup. Have a look at the buying section of our website how we make your home stand out from the crowd.

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