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21st April 2020

Next we meet Bethany Scott, owner of fashion and homeware shop Iris & Violet. As

Iris & Violet

Next we meet Bethany Scott, owner of fashion and homeware
shop Iris & Violet. As an Interior Designer, Vicky particularly
LOVES the home decor part of this gorgeous shop.

Growing up in Stamford sounds like the cute,
quaint village dream. When Beth moved away for 12 years,
she missed Stamford’s charm. Armed with a plan,
she came back and opened Iris & Violet in May 2019
….and we are so happy you did!


iris an violet iris an violet

Why did you decide to open up a shop in Stamford?

Stamford is a thriving market town with so much character & history. The local residents all really support the local independent shops, that mixed with the amount of visitors Stamford receives each year, it makes for a great and busy high street.

What is your favourite thing about Stamford?

When you drive into the town on a sunny day, the incredible architecture amazes me every single time… It always reminds me how lucky I am to have a business in such a beautiful & historic town.

Where is your favourite place to unwind?

A drink next door at the Copper Room after a busy day in the shop is always welcome.

Any insider local top tips?

Last summer I did the Stamford Walking Tour. It was brilliant – there was so much history about Stamford that I had no idea about. One of the things you realise from doing the tour is that there are so many incredible historic features. Top tip: Make sure you’re looking up when you’re walking around. There’s so much more to discover above eye level!

iris an violet

What is your favourite thing on the shop floor right now?

The mixture of colourful homeware & clothing all merchandised together are my fave. After the A/W selling season finishes, it always feels so refreshing to get so many colours back into the shop. It lifts your mood, and reminds you that there are brighter and warmer days to come soon.

What makes Iris & Violet unique?

I have such a large range of customers shopping at Iris & Violet! It’s great to have mothers and daughters both able to come to the shop and buy something. Through having a mixture of price points and items on sale, it means there really is something for everyone. I have a high turnover of stock with new deliveries every week which means there is always something new to shop.

iris an violet

Do you commute at all?

Having commuted to London full time previously it feels so easy now to only travel there twice a month. I actually really enjoy the journey as it’s always a good time to catch up on emails & prepare for the days meetings. I try to make the most of my trips to London by doing some inspiration shopping. I love to visit places like Westbourne Grove, Dover Street Market and Marylebone High Street to keep in touch with what all the high end brands are up to. And of course it’s always a good opportunity to catch up with friends & old work colleagues!

To check out Iris & Violet’s carefully curated goodies, head here.