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28th November 2014 by Daniella Quaglia

mrs clarke luxury estate agent

I arrive ten minutes early hoping to prepare myself before Mrs Clarke arrives, however she is there before me and has already ordered a coffee. I am greeted by a wonderful smile and made to feel instantly at home I’m always on time, I think it’s really important in setting a good impression. Meeting Mrs Clarke has a very different feeling to my recent interview with her husband. Conversation is calmer, we talk more about style and marketing than facts and figures. I can see why this is such a great team.

Mr Clarke told me his role was to sell properties. What do you do?

My role is to make sure buyers want to buy. I am obsessed with browsing Rightmove and Zoopla and I’m amazed with how bad the photography is and how bland the descriptions are. I want to be wowed, seduced and sold the dream to. If I go into an expensive shop I like to see the clothes hanging beautifully and I want to enjoy browsing. When it comes to homes it’s all a bit dull, which seems wrong when you are spending so much money. It needs to change.

How can it be changed?

By putting in some effort and some style. Every home will be treated like the most valuable asset it is. We will style them, photograph them properly and then develop stunning brochures and web and print advertising to show them off. The Mrs Clarke team are marketing specialists who have vast experience in advertising, photography, design and branding. I have spent the last six years as Marketing Director for a high end national business and I will be bringing my skills and experience to people selling homes and to people who want to enjoy browsing property websites and ultimately buy their new home.

What is the ideal home?

Somewhere you are happy in. Your home is the most special place in the world. It is what ever you want it to be but as long as you are happy in it. We all have our favourite places. Mr Clarke will usually be found reading at his desk with the dog at his feet. I love being in the kitchen or the garden. The most special times are when our home is packed with people and the party is in full swing. The local area is key to a home, if you have everything want close by then your lifestyle is better. It’s important to find an area that is right for you so you can call it home.

I have some quick questions to finish

Where is your favourite place to go shopping

The internet. Which high street has all the best shops on it? I can be on Bond Street one minute and then in Daylesford the next minute. Next day delivery is a great thing.

You have a spare weekend. Where would you go?

Marrakech. Sip mint tea during the day at a beautiful riad and then party with friends at night.

When you were little what did you want to be?

An interior designer and Robbie Williams’ wife.

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