26th May 2023

Location, Location, Location.

Kirsty and Phil shine TV spotlight on Sutton.

Charlie & Paul Skipp

"It was great to see Sutton Coldfield featured on TV favourite Location, Location, Location, highlighting some of the reasons so many people are drawn to live in our lovely town. Kirsty Allsop and Phil Spencer brought the production team to the area, searching for a new home for local couple Richard and Karen. Armed with a substantial £1.4 million budget, the creative couple were renting in the area after moving to the West Midlands from Surbiton three years ago. Richard, a creative director, and interior designer Karen were looking for a project property where they could let their creativity run wild. Their wish-list included plenty of space, a quiet road, a detached home with five bedrooms, close to great schools.

They were having trouble, which is why they called in the intrepid Channel 4 duo. Over a period of three years, they had already viewed more than 30 properties, made offers on nine – including one of a staggering £150,000 over the asking price – and yet still couldn’t secure their dream home. The episode showcased some of the things that bring people here – we saw Sutton Park in all its glory, upmarket bar and restaurant The Bracebridge, glimpses of the fabulous Fig and Olive at Middleton, and some of the leafy streets we Suttonians are fortunate to call home. Kirsty showed them three homes, ranging in price from around £700,000 to over £1 million, at lovely, leafy locations around our town. One, in Hill Village Road, would have left them with £700,000 in the kitty for improvements but it didn’t quite fit the bill.

Another, on the lovely Four Oaks Park private estate, backed on to our jewel in the crown – Sutton Park. Boasting substantial 1970s splendour, it was ripe for renovation and ticked all our couple’s boxes. A bid of £1.3 million – some £100,000 over the asking price – was enough to fend off the competition. I love a happy ending. Kirsty described the Sutton property market as ‘red hot’ when it was filmed in 2022. Things have cooled a little since then, but there is still a huge demand for homes in the area. Sadly, not everyone can call on Kirsty and Phil for support. If you’re looking for someone to help you sell your home please feel free to give me a call and we can have a chat over a coffee at your place, at a café, or at any location, location, location you choose."

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