Life-Style Agent

8th February 2018 by Daniella Quaglia

We sell more than bricks and mortar – we showcase a lifestyle that you will enjoy in your new home. Our interior designers style every home we advertise and create a beautiful story with stunning imagery and compelling descriptions. 

People often ask what makes us different to the regular High Street estate agent (apart from the lack of pin stripe suite, jargon filled conversations and a car with logs on the side) we explain that it is the way we advertise homes and the service we provide. Think about booking a holiday… you don’t go to a travel agent who wears a dodgy necktie any more (if you do you are probably on the wrong website here). You log on to a website and pour over the images of the infinity pool overlooking the coast, you read the descriptions of the restaurants, the local area and the cotton count of the sheets. You want to be seduced into booking that special getaway. When you cal the online travel agent you expect them to know everything and you want to be able to book on an evening or a Sunday night, just after Country File has finished.

Now. Ramp this up to something far more important – your home – and you realise that you need wonderful sales particulars to excite potential buyers into viewing the house. The images need to show off each room, the Farrow & Ball paint and give the low-down on the local schools, shops and tennis club. The advertising needs to be tailored to the buyers and not just generic rubbish. When a buyer calls up you expect your agent to be lovely, interesting and most of all be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about selling your home. You want viewings to take place on evenings and weekends, you want your agent to jump through hoops and communicate very regularly. Well, if you sell through a High Street slick looking (not slick acting) agent or a cheap and cheerful (or not so cheerful as you never get to speak to them) online agent you will not get this. We have all sold houses and we have all come away feeling diddled by agents.

Not with us –  we style every home and we present it in a way that is befitting of an interiors magazine. Our service is what you expect if you go to a five star boutique hotel and and we work for you. It starts with style and then we get your the best deal with substance.

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