Lifestyle 5 – Snowdrops Signal Spring

27th February 2015 by Daniella Quaglia

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Winter is the darkest season and my last post was written in the depths of the cold. I fantasised about dark colours to create sombre moods. It’s reassuringly warm to sit in Mr Clarke’s vintage leather chair in the corner of our snug that has been painted in Farrow & Ball Black Blue with the fire roaring. But I am ready for spring.

I want to be brighter and have my mood lifted by the season. Flowers have been my energiser this week. First I had the pleasure of taking bunches of gorgeous blooms to peoples’ home that I have been valuing and preparing to sell and then there has been the emergence of the snowdrops in the garden.

There is no better way to brighten up a home than with flowers, both inside and out.

Setting a scene and filling it with flowers is a simple way to keep spirits high. In a vase, on the wall, in a pot or tucked in your hair. Surrounding yourself with reminders of life makes the winter blues a distant memory. As winter becomes spring, flowers remind us that warmer days are coming. A small bunch of simple daffodils or some early blossom are the tonic to relieve the dark blues mood.

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