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30th October 2019

LOCALLY SOURCED × CRAFTED WITH LOVE For food, in an ideal world, I want to

Dough & Brew


For food, in an ideal world, I want to walk five minutes, max. I want to be greeted by name, see familiar faces walking past the window, and know that if I accidentally leave my daughter at the bar that they’ll come by and drop her off in the morning. Wherever I have lived I have been incredibly lucky to have local restaurants that I would be more than happy to eat in for the rest of my life.

When I moved to the countryside I thought that I would be doomed and the only place I would be able to nourish myself at would be a dodgy pub where the microwave could be heard above the chatter. Can you imagine my celebration when a van pulled up at the local village hall and a handsome man fired up a wood oven, pulled up the shutters and served me light, puffy pizza plates with slightly blackened edges and whole meals of locally sourced and delicious toppings. Ahh. My country living experiment was complete… I will not be returning to London with my tail between my legs and queuing up at Trullo. 

Luckily for the inhabitants of Warwick, The Spectacular Goat decided to ditch the wheels and lay down firm roots in the heart of the town on Brook Street, five minutes walk from the beautiful castle and one minute from the historic Lord Leycester Hospital & the Market Place. John (the chap behind the Spectacular Goat and my pizza hero) serves both sourdough pizza and freshly made pastas alongside an incredible range of local craft beers and delicious wines. Mr Clarke is obsessed with this place because of the pizza that is so spicy that he can legitimately have an extra pint of Church Farm IPA to stop his mouth from bursting into flames.

Dough & Brew’s interior, designed by owner John (what a clever chap he is), brings something different to Warwick – exposed brick, stripped wood, light bulbs on pretty cord and scaffolding boards create an industrial vibe that is more NYC than the shires. So not only is the food utterly amazing the space is super trendy.

When we first visited we were amazed with how quiet all the kids were. There was not the usual shrill tone of mothers telling their offspring to behave and there was no trip hazard in the shape of a four year old. Why? Because the children all were wearing wireless head phones and were glued to the big screen showing a Disney classic. Parents were engaging in adult conversation in the comfort that their darlings were stuffing their face with lovely pizza and making absolutely no noise. John The Spectacular Goat we salute you!