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12th October 2019

Harringay Local Harringay is full of amazing places to buy your groceries, by no one

Harringay Local

Harringay Local

Harringay is full of amazing places to buy your groceries, by no one does it like Ebony and Paul Harding at the Harringay Local Store. They stock an incredible selection of high quality produce and products – kombucha’s and drinking vinegars from Little Duck Picklery, St John sourdough and coffee beans from Caravan Coffee Roasters are always in my shopping basket when I visit. My record collection has also grown in size and become more eclectic since they opened – they also have a section selling 2nd hand and classic vinyl. 

Ebony chatted with me about living in Harringay…

How long have you lived in the area? “We lived on Wightman Road from 2006-2012 and then moved to Mattison Rd 2012 until now.”

What is the best thing about living here? “A real sense of community. We know so many people through the store now, and they all seem to know and are friends with each other. We love finding that in a big city like London. Proximity to a lot of parks is great, whilst still being right near the city when you need it. Good transport.”

What are the best community organisations in the area which you have had experience with? “Harringay Online run by Hugh. Tottenham Green Market run by Marika, previously there was the Harringay Market run by Jessica. And the annual kids movie screening in Fairland Park, this is a fantastic family night with some street food and a bar.”

Where is your go-to place when you get time off from running the store? “Not quite in Harringay, but we go to Xian Impression in Arsenal loads.”

Tell me a brilliant piece of advice which you use in your life or business.  “One thing at a time, everything will get done eventually!”

Harringay Local Store