Slappe av & Relax

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21st November 2019

Mr and Mrs Clarke went on a family holiday recently and learnt a thing or

Slappe av & Relax

Mr and Mrs Clarke went on a family holiday recently and learnt a thing or two about the Norwegian way of living…

There are not enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe the unimaginable beauty that is Norway. We learnt a lot whilst visiting; one word stood out to us. Slappe means “relax” in Norwegian and after a trip to Bergen I am inspired to add some slappe into our home and our life.
Essentially, it’s a way to keep grounded and make sure your family lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. We are often galloping around, so it’s a welcomed luxury and necessity, å slappe av (“to relax”).

Bathing is relaxing


A long soak in the bath with a book is my perfect way of relaxing. A bathroom should be a private retreat that is clutter free, calm and perfectly clean.


The perfect place for relaxing. Nature makes you feel peaceful. I have found a small area of the garden to sit with a chamomile tea and take a moment of solitude when times get hectic.

Find that nature spot Fresh, crisp bedsheets


I adore old linen sheets on my bed, they remind me of spring Sunday mornings with sun streaming through windows and that gorgeous feeling of not going to the office.


In our crazy, busy lives we sometimes forget to take the time to cook and eat with friends and family. I’ve picked up some new cookbooks and I will be found cooking some slappe up meals for loved ones this spring.

Kitchen counter books Scrapbook, read and write


Take the time out to create a journal so you can reflect on all the lovely things you come across.

Furry Friends

There is nothing better than spending time with your pets – stroking them for 10 minutes significantly reduces your stress levels (according to Washington State Uni…but we probably could have told you that). We’re loving Hiro + Wolf at the moment.

Big or small, dog or cat