The High Street is Alive

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16th November 2021

A journal by Mr Clarke, inspired by an uber cool store visit whilst in Shrewsbury.

The High Street is Alive

A journal by Mr Clarke, inspired by an uber cool store visit whilst in Shrewsbury.

Pockets Shrewsbury

Shopping for clothes online sounds all well and good in theory, but after going cross eyed whilst scrolling through thousands of images, putting stuff in the online basket only for the site to crash, then when clothes finally arrive (after several attempts from DHL) you discover what you have bought is too small and you have to pack them back up and trudge off to the post office to return them.


Clothes shopping for me will only ever be done in real life shops. And I think I have found the one shop that I will only ever shop in… Pockets in Shrewsbury, thanks to Tish.

Tish Pockets

Pockets sits proudly in the centre of the chic Shropshire town and it is everything you want from a menswear emporium.

Two olive trees frame the front door, making the facade look more like a grand town house than a standard shop. When inside, you once again think that this could be someones smart home. The interiors are bold and eclectic, the music is cool and the atmosphere is welcoming. There are five stories of stylish wares from Paul Smith socks to Moncler coats. Each level has a unique style and I spent as much time photographing the art on the walls as I did browsing the clothes.

To anyone who said the High Street is dead, I say get offline and come to Pockets. This place is about the experience, the chat and the bags of gorgeous clothes you will inevitably walk out with.

Pockets Journal Pockets Acne Pockets merch Pockets upstairs Pockets Downstairs

Forget their website and visit them in person at 7A The Square, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1LA