Lisa Valentine

4th March 2019 by Daniella Quaglia

You know how it is – you’ve had a long day, kids have gone to bed, there is nothing on TV, so out comes the phone and Instagram is turned on. You scroll endlessly through ‘nothing’ until your eyes feel weary and you turn into bed. Well, last night I didn’t nod off because I found the most fantastic page that I couldn’t stop exploring. Lisa Valentine Home is a fabulous and inspiring online homewares shop full of beautiful and practical goodies. Lisa Valentine (oh how I would love romantic surnames!) is the stylish owner of said shop and she has bags of tips, tricks and inspiration on her Instagram. 

Well worth a follow, just don’t blame me for the late night to bed… 

Bonus points: Can you spot the Lisa Valentine’s cushions at Lyndon Road, Olton ?!



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