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3rd November 2021

You need to sell an empty property but want to make it look like a

Make it feel like home

You need to sell an empty property but want to make it look like a home – what do you do? You call the Mr & Mrs Clarke team of course. This is the behind the scenes look of how we transformed an empty cottage into a home worthy of an interior design magazine.


When we met the owners of Willow Bank Cottage they told us how they had found a new home and that they were moving out to break the chain and make their sale easier (smart move we thought!). The only issue was that they were moving all of their stuff into the new home so the cottage would not look at its fabulous best. No problem, we said. There is nothing we like more than a styling project. 

Side note: if you don’t already know how we feel about chains, read Should I Stay or Should I Go section. 

We mood boarded, sourced soft furnishing, bought in props and even recruited a doggy model. Emma and Kara then set about creating a home with candles, cushions, throws, rugs, crockery, plants, kitchen bits and bobs, fresh produce and the obligatory bottle of bubbly.  With careful thought and creative thinking, Willow Bank Cottage glowed with a sense of home just as our wonderful photographer Rachel burst through the stable doors (she is very dramatic!)

We stage every home we advertise. Sometimes it is a full house, others it is just lighting the fire and moving a few bits. But every home we sell takes time and thought with the aim of capturing a sense of life and showcasing the intimate corners of home.

dog by fireplace


Willow Bank Cottage

Willow Bank Cottage is a stunningly renovated home in the picturesque village of Wootton Wawen. It promises endless canalside dog walks and a variety of outdoor adventures – with plenty of stops at the pubs along the way. Inside, which you’ve had a glimpse of, the home is decorated with all the original features you’d expect from a 15th century cottage; beams, fireplaces, stable doors, stone details.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, and want a discerningly different, truly unique estate agency experience then pop your details here and we’ll get in touch!