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We recently spent a day in beautiful Stamford with our Agent Vicky, who gave us

Margo + Plum

We recently spent a day in beautiful Stamford with our Agent Vicky, who gave us a tour of all her favourite local spots; one of which is the stunning Interiors store Margo + Plum. Filled with an array of decadent decorative pieces, it’s now a firm favourite of ours too. We chatted to their lovely team to find out more…

Meet Vicky

How long have you been open?
We opened in December 2020 but then unfortunately we all went straight back into lockdown! We really got into the swing of things in Spring 2021 when everything was back up and running.

Do you have any other locations?
Yes, we have this one on St Mary’s Street, one at Belvoir Castle and an outlet over at Bottesford near our warehouse and head office. So we have three in total but we’re hoping to expand.

Exciting! We love all of your products, who sources them all?
Our owners Karen and Ian do all of the buying for the stores and meet all our wonderful suppliers. They have great taste!

What would you say are your bestsellers?
Definitely the diffusers. We have so many people popping in from the street because they could smell the store from outside! The vases are also really popular as well as the decorative gold pieces. They can add a touch of luxury to any home.

What are your favourite other shops in Stamford?
I love the popular stores like The White Company and Neal’s Yard, but Stamford is full of incredible charity shops and vintage stores, so they’re definitely my favourite. You’ll find me wandering around them for hours!

And finally, how would you describe Margo + Plum in three words?
Ooh that’s tough, but I’d have to say… Eclectic. Fabulous. Glamorous!

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Thank you so much to the wonderful team at Margo + Plum for chatting to us. We can’t wait to visit again soon…

Images: Courtesy of Margo + Plum @margoandplum