2nd March 2023

Mr & Mrs Clarke x Bilden Home & Hardware Market

In conversation with Max,

the Founder of Bilden.

Bilden Home & Hardware Market is an online marketplace that simplifies the process of renovating residential and commercial properties.

We have curated the finest British designers and made them available in one place for the first time. Focussing on timeless and functional design classics, celebrating heritage brands and contemporary designers. Everything is individually curated, from kitchen to bathroom fittings, hardware to lighting, paint & tiling to heating & flooring. We serve the home renovations market, commercial businesses, architects, developers and interior designers.

Why did you create the business?

Property renovation is a painful process. To obtain high-end products, consumers must visit multiple vendors in various locations, both online and offline. The process is time-consuming; there is no guarantee they will find what they need, and once identified, their options are limited to a single brand or store. We have solved that problem, streamlining the process by curating everything you would need in one place.

You work with some incredible brands? Which products are hot right now? 

We’ve noticed that a lot of the products that have performed well recently have been products that look like they have lived a previous life. Finishes that have a weathered effect such as antique brass hardware or terracotta tiles. We have an amazing line of concrete bathtubs and basins from The Poured Project which although expertly made and meticulously thought through each has subtle differences that give every product a unique quality. My personal preference is for finishes that dont feel too precious but have an understated quality.


What’s your favourite room in our home? 

I think I’d have to say the bathroom, I love to run through my plan for the week in my head in a hot bath!

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who take risks, create things, and that are constantly adapting and learning. I recently read (actually listened to the audio book) Yvon Choinard‘s (founder of Patagonia) biography, his mindset gave me lots of inspiration as to how I would run my own business. 

What are your top tips on renovating a property?

Have a clear vision of of how you are going to live in the spaces and build environments that compliment your actual lifestyle.


What are you listening to right now?

The last 3 songs on my ‘recently played’ are Heaven & Las Vega by The Cocteau Twins, Victoria by The Fall & Mr Pitiful by Otis Redding. Music is a big part of my life and I love so many different genres. I spend most of my working day listening to podcasts, The Rest Is History is a current favourite.


What does the future hold for Bilden?

Our objective is to conceive a platform that captures our customers’ imagination educating them on design and interior—creating a connection between them and our designers. We carefully curate our marketplace to feel considered, providing a modern experience for renovation projects and enhancing the interior design process by creating an informative space. We engage our community by connecting their curiosity to our creators through digital content, photographic projects, interviews and articles with the people that inspire us. We love celebrating our maker’s expertise, giving our customers behind-the-scenes access, and helping us grow and engage our community.

We are developing a product that allows our customers to book monitored and vetted installers and tradespeople at the same time as purchasing a retail product. Building on our mission the simplify the process of property renovation.  Watch this space…