New Beginings

17th May 2018 by Daniella Quaglia

We have bought several properties over the last decade years. All have been fixer uppers and we have poured our soul into each home and loved rolling our sleeves up and building a home.

There was the flat in Islington that looked like our student digs when we bought it. We gutted it and then did the classic new kitchen, new bathroom, new flooring, built in cupboards and lashings of Farrow & Ball. The result was a cool pad in the middle of a gorgeous garden square in the heart of London. We sold it and did exactly the same to a similar flat down the road.

Then I demanded a garden and craved a bit of peace and quiet. Mr Clarke did as he was told and we sold up, packed the car and drove to Sussex, bought a wreck in a pretty village and set about fixing it up. It took a year, lots of tea for our builders and a few ding dongs with Mr C but we ended up with a gorgeous home. So gorgeous that we had it valued and realised that we could make a tidy profit and move on… so we did. We packed the car up and drove north to be closer to family.

We bought a wreck (the biggest wreck both literally and metaphorically so far) and we spent a year transforming it into the perfect home. So perfect that we are staying. We are staying because I am tired of fixing homes up. I want to lay down some roots and settle, do some nesting and enjoy making a home… But Mr Clarke came home last night with a property that is so exciting that I might just change my mind. Old Farm is a lovely family home that has land, gardens, space and huge potential. Could this be the one that we fix up and stay in forever?

Take a tour of Old Farm here

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