3rd November 2022

Oakham School

The prestigious Oakham School is a fully co-educational boarding and day school for pupils aged 10 to 18 located in the heart of beautiful Oakham. Built on four core values – Care, Courage, Contribution and Connection – the ‘outstanding’ rated Oakham School has created three related curricula in academic learning, co-curricular learning and pastoral learning. Our local Agent Vicky Floros recently paid a visit to find out more…

Meet Vicky

Q: We’d love to hear what a typical day looks like as a student at the school…

A: Ensuring pupils are able to make the most of each opportunity presented to them, the school day at Oakham is often action-packed with both academic and co-curricular lessons. A typical school day starts with Roll call at 8:15 followed by morning lessons. An hour at lunch gives pupils a chance to relax and enjoy a delicious and nutritious cooked lunch in our Barraclough Dining Hall. Depending on the day there are lessons, sports training and fixtures or activities in the afternoon. This is followed by leisure time for House socials, interpose competitions or a chance to catch up on Prep or simply relax. Lessons run from Monday to Saturday for pupils from Form 1 (Year 7) to Form 7 (Year 13) and co-curricular activities are built into the timetable.

Q: Sounds like they have a great variation! How many students attend the school?

A: We have over 1000 pupils at Oakham School, both boys and girls, and are very proud of our uniquely structured population of 50:50 boarders and day pupils, which creates a genuinely inclusive school community.

Q: Amazing. What really makes Oakham school stand out / different from the others?

A: Oakham’s caring and supportive community, as well as its experience, truly stand out. Our pro-active pastoral care underpins all that we do and enables Oakhamians to be happy and to flourish at school and long into the future. Of course we’re renowned for the outstanding breadth of our co curriculum that can simultaneously stretch our elite students and encourage participation and enjoyment for all. But it’s our future-focused curriculum unlike all others, combined with the advice Oakhamians receive from one of the most highly regarded careers departments in the independent sector, that enables our pupils to be ‘future ready’. We’re renowned for our outstanding facilities including a 200-seat professional theatre, 40 acres of sports pitches and 6 art studios as well as our own art gallery. The School also boasts a fantastic alumni community, which includes actor Matthew Macfadyen and writer Louise Doughty, as well as cricketer Stuart Broad, rugby players Jack van Poortvliet and Lewis Moody, and hockey player Crista Cullen.

Oakham School
Oakham School

Q: Wow! What’s special about being based in Oakham?

Being located in the heart of the Oakham means our pupils benefit from the safety of living and working in a beautifully green campus whilst being close to a bustling town centre. With a rich history and plenty of amenities, it’s a popular location for pupils wanting to explore all that rural Rutland has to offer from their doorstep. Oakham’s excellent road and rail links all mean that London, Birmingham and Cambridge are all within easy reach. We’re also thrilled to be located close to the wonderful Rutland Water, where we host sailing lessons and use the venue for many activities.

Q: Do you have students from abroad?

A: Yes. 38 different nationalities are represented by pupils at Oakham School and 19% of our student body are international pupils.

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about the school for those looking to move to the area and enrol their children here?

A: Oakham is a fully co-ed school for pupils aged 10 to 18. Whilst the full boarding community at Oakham School remains strong, weekly boarding has become an increasingly popular choice for families looking to strike the perfect school/ home balance. Recognising the shift in how modern family life has changed, Oakham School has found its flexi-boarding provision – when pupils go home at weekends and board during the week – continues to strengthen in numbers, with 21% of pupils choosing this. As a School with 50% boarders and 50% day pupils, Oakham is a thriving co-educational community which is proud to be able to offer a truly staggering range of experiences, activities and opportunities. Above all, Oakham is a welcoming community that values learning and human relationships, which are the bedrock of a successful and happy life.

Those looking to relocate to this part of the world often choose to do so because of Oakham School, so
we were delighted to speak with them for this Journal feature. Thank you so much to their wonderful team
for taking the time to chat to us.