Our Foundations

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28th March 2020

Our home is giving us that morning pick-up that we need to get the day

Our Foundations

Our home is giving us that morning pick-up that we need to get the day rolling. We’ve created a fun, safe space for us to enjoy in these unprecedented times.

For our house is our corner of the World.

Gaston Bachelard

father and daughter

Our home provides the backdrop for the events that will one day become our memories. Right now, the stage our home plays is key to our happiness and survival. A well designed home is flexible to adapt to the continual shifts that happen everyday – the impromptu guest, a birthday party and a friend who needs a bed. But the “unexpected guest” that is currently in our lives will test our homes and the relationship we have with it and within it.

We love our home, but we aren’t precious about it – our dog sleeps on the sofa, skirting boards are scuffed and more than one door doesn’t close perfectly. We have let go of perfection and allowed our home to be a place of freedom to play, love, relax and be safe. Having been isolated in here with my family for two weeks I feel safe and happy and it is down to the relationship we have with our surroundings being free of any restrictions.

These negative times have been forced on us, but if we can try to relax in our own space, we will not only survive but thrive.

Our home is going to be a school, a gym, and a therapists couch over the next three weeks at the least, so we will continue to learn to love and respect it.