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19th July 2022

Molly Warren of Pretty Little Stamford has amassed close to 10,000 followers on Instagram sharing

Pretty Little Stamford

Molly Warren of Pretty Little Stamford has amassed close to 10,000 followers on Instagram sharing her stunning snaps of beautiful Stamford. Vicky, our wonderful Agent in Stamford & Rutland sits down with her to find out more…

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We love: Every shot on her feed is pure perfection…We’ve been scrolling for hours!
Where: Stamford, the bustling market town with quaint streets, delicious food, niche shopping and stunning Georgian buildings.
Who: Molly Warren, who runs the account @prettylittlestamford highlighting the best places to eat, drink, shop, visit and stay.

You grew up in Stamford, how has it changed over the last few years?
One change I’ve noticed over the last few years is the presence that Stamford now has on social media. There is a huge ‘support local’ incentive here, which people have really got behind over the last few years and I feel the power of social media has really escalated it. The regular addition of new independent shops and businesses gives Stamford a spark that you don’t find in every town, and it brings new life and customers to the town as well. The ‘Green Quarter’ is a great example of this, with All Good Market, Stamford Botanics and The Blonde Beet coming together to form this fab little niche area of town.

What is your favourite part about living in Stamford?
I just love the atmosphere living in Stamford; whether I’m walking the dog, heading to the pub, or mooching around the shops at the weekend, there is always a buzz about town. My other favourite thing is how beautiful the town is, as it makes it easy to photograph!

What’s your top tip for someone moving here?
Head into town, but don’t just go to the High Street. Explore down the little alleyways and cobbled streets to see more of Stamford’s charm and head into some of the independent shops that are tucked away. Talk to the shop owners and locals to get a feel of the town. Then head to one of the local coffee shops to soak up the atmosphere!

Where is your favourite place to eat out or go for a drink?
At the moment we’re loving Pizza da Mario and The Mad Turk. They’ve smashed it with their outside seating areas, so they’re both a perfect summer spot for some food. Fika is a no brainer for brunch! For drinks, I love heading to The Copper Room for cocktails, The Kings Head if you want a cosy pub and All Saints often has live music on at the weekend.

Any insider top tips…
My top tip is to look up while you’re walking around, as you’ll see lots of small pieces of history dotted around town! Many of the old buildings still have original signs and writing on them which is an amazing way to see the history. If you want to learn more about the town, book onto one of the Stamford Guided Tours. I love the walk up to Wothorpe Towers, which I guess is a hidden gem! When you’re doing that walk, the towers slowly emerge out of the countryside and they are absolutely stunning. There’s also a great walk from the town meadows onto the ‘second meadows’. It loops all the way along the river and brings you out at the top of Tinwell Road, so you can look at all the beautiful houses on the walk back into town!

Tell us a bit about how and why you started @prettylittlestamford and how far it has come?
It purely started out as a place for me to post photos of the town, as I was starting to clog up my personal Instagram feed! It became popular quite quickly and so I decided to start bringing in the local support side of things by including local businesses on the page. I wanted to showcase the town rather than just photograph it, and it has now become a little hub of recommendations of places to eat, drink, shop, visit and stay! My favourite part is that I now have followers all over the world and they continue to stay connected to the town through my page.


We love it! Thank you Molly for chatting to us, and for your insiders insight into Englands ‘best place to live’ as voted by the Times, not once but twice!

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