Pub Chat

8th August 2018 by Daniella Quaglia

You know the jokes that start with X walks into a pub… “A sandwich walks into a pub. The barman says, “Sorry, we don’t serve food here.” Well I have one with a much better punchline…

An estate agent walks into a pub and gets asked to sell a lovely home!

Let me put a bit of context on this. I was at a very nice pub in London a couple of weeks ago, you know the kind of place – craft beer on tap, sough dough pizza being served by Swedish looking chaps with beards, a gentle hum of chat and some cool music. My kind of place and as I relaxed I couldn’t help but over-hear a conversation from the two gents next to me about estate agents. “They are terrible! I get passed from one person to another, no one tells me the truth, it is really p#@*ing me off!”

Well, I couldn’t help but introduce myself. The three of us had a beer, chatted about the state of estate agency and the poor service received from typical London estate agents and how awful the marketing is. The chap who owns the house happened to be a very trendy and successful digital marketing type who knows his onions. So, I offered to help. I couldn’t promise him that it will sell as the London property market is in a tough place right now but I could guarantee that we would present the house in a beautiful way, we would work hard, we would be in regular contact and do our very best to get them the very best price – you can’t offer better than that sometimes. We shook hands and Stephen and Devon are know our clients and we are doing our very best to help sell their home.

(You need to take a look at how cool this home is! The guys have an incredible style and have made the loveliest home in a great part of Islington.)

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