Ridgeway Barbers

Newport, Wales

Ben Birchall, a local lad whose family lives in the area, is only 21 and cuts the whole families hair except his mums. Ben used to work in Newport town centre where he learnt his trade. Now he owns his own barbers in a lovely part of town. Recently, I stumbled across Ben when I was out visiting a new client and my hair just happened to need a cut. Ridgeway Barbers is a place that caters for young and old – trendy to traditional and those looking to keep a trendy cut (even though I’m pushing fifty). The shop and interior is classic barber shop in a nice part of town and its just down the hill for me. Carl Egoitto, a local carpenter, did the work and the place has a rustic industrial look mixed with some traditional frontage and interior windows. I recall my new barbers as a converted house at the bottom of Ridgeway Avenue. I remember it as newsagent in the 80’s too. Change is exciting and this change is full of promise!

Everyone seems to love Ben and he doesn’t just ask the usual barber questions, I don’t think I am the first man to have been converted to Ridgeway as it’s always super busy and organised! 

Here’s some history about the shop told by Kathryn Porter who is a lovely local…and it just so happens her grandfather used to own the shop previous to Ridgeway Barbers (the one I remember from way back!):

“My great grandfather, Harry Weston, and his wife, Mabel Weston (nee Hicks) had the shop built approx 1936/37. My uncle still has the original invoice for the building somewhere which was signed over a tuppenny stamp! The building consisted of the shop with 4 bed sleeping and living accommodation to the rear and above. There was also a brick built air raid shelter on the grounds. Harry had previously lived and worked in an apartment and workshop at 14 Clarence Place which later became TJ’s! The shop was called ‘Harry Weston’s’ and was a confectioners/ newsagents/ tobacconist/ stationers. 
Harry ran the shop until he passed away in 1958(ish). At this time, his daughters (Kathleen Maragret Lewis, known as Molly and my grandmother, Dorothy Mary Elizabeth Porter, known as Betty) took over the running of the business.  Molly and her family lived there until 1963 when they moved to Ridgeway Park Road.  The grandparents then moved from 13 Ridgeway Avenue to the shop.  My parents even moved in with them in the early days of their relationship/marriage. Molly and Betty decided to sell up in 1974, largely due to the introduction of VAT!”

Welcome to the area Ben and we look forward to watching your business flourish.

Ben’s open 5 days a week (except Monday), and is open until 7pm on Thursdays & Fridays…perfect for your after work lower taper fade!

You can follow them on @ridgewaybarbers or find them on Facebook here.